Free Fly Event: Try out Starcitizen

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Free Fly Event: Try out Starcitizen - 11/15/18 10:57 PM


November 23rd through December 1st the game will be free to play. You only need to make a free account (you dont have to buy a package) and log into the PU launcher.

If you decide to buy into the game during the anniversary sale (which should be going on during the same time periord) consider using a simhq referral code to get some extra in game goodies. Several people here have them. I'll post mine below.

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Re: Free Fly Event: Try out Starcitizen - 11/17/18 09:45 PM

What do you think Master, is it worth it ?(obviously free, but you know what I mean I'd reckon). Like, do you think someone would be more or less willing to buy in if they were to try it in it's current state?

Anniversary sale?! That's funny somehow. Which anniversary is that? 10 year? I've had a great time with ED and Star Citizen intrigues me, but I'd rather get in when the gettin' in is good. I don't want my first exposure to put me off.

Anyway, thanks for the heads up and the code.
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Re: Free Fly Event: Try out Starcitizen - 11/18/18 01:24 AM

Its quite the tech demo. Ive no clue if you would want to buy in but id suggest giving it a try. At the least you could decided if its a scam or not afteralll! smile
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Re: Free Fly Event: Try out Starcitizen - 11/18/18 10:11 PM

Well 3.3.5 PTU has been opened up to everyone so hopefully it will be live for the free fly event
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Re: Free Fly Event: Try out Starcitizen - 11/18/18 11:26 PM

I think that is their plan so wednesday ish next week it should go to live. (hopefully)

Lorville for me gives horrible frames compared to everywhere else so I hope they figure out a way to optimize it a bit more by live.

Or ill just have to remember to stay away as best I can. Its pretty cool to walk around in though and see everything.

A whole game with 100+ star systems with this level of detail will be truly something to play IMO. But they have a long way to go to even get the gameplay to be fun. Could rant for hours about it but I think everyone should just jump in and give the free fly a shot. See what the game is about and then report back here to discuss it! smile
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Re: Free Fly Event: Try out Starcitizen - 11/19/18 03:15 AM

Cool, I checked for PTU access on Saturday but didn't do it afterwards and missed that it was open to all. Just copied to the PTU, looking forward to checking out Lorville.

I'll also log in live to check some of the ships during free fly - there are a few of them which I never got to check out, even if it's just to walk around them a bit. I'll also give a go at mining with the Prospector given that this is one of the rare gameplay loops actually implemented.
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Re: Free Fly Event: Try out Starcitizen - 11/20/18 11:40 PM

Wow, I did get 2 chances to check 3.3.5 - the first time my fps was horrible, but I'm guessing it was a shader caching issue, because the second time was surprisingly good even though the server was quite packed (landing pads were full all the time). I expected worse performance. Lorville looked awesome, although the restricted area altitude is a bit annoying, but that's the necessary compromise to achieve this I guess. Given that the prospector is in the PTU, I got to fly it there but didn't have the time to make it to mining - one issue with Lorville is that while it looks great, gameplay wise it's a massive waste of time to run to the train station, make it to starport, wait there until you can get a pad, walk there etc... I wish the spawn was a the airport, and then you commute to other areas when you want to shop, take missions etc, and maybe they'll change it this way anyway in the future and wanted to channel us through that experience in alpha to showcase their design for cities
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Re: Free Fly Event: Try out Starcitizen - 11/24/18 04:32 PM

Ok, the free fly has started but its really complicated to figure out from their main website.

If anyone wants to check the game out for free go here.


Make an account. When making an account be sure to use a referal code from someone here. if you dont have one use this (STAR-BCJZ-5VV2) Then go back to that website and enter the free flight code


Then download the live launcher and log into the launcher and the game should download.
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Re: Free Fly Event: Try out Starcitizen - 11/28/18 04:40 AM

Dammit, I missed that - my daughter got sick and I lost track of that. Is it still going on? I was hoping to have a look at the Hammerhead and the Reclaimer
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Re: Free Fly Event: Try out Starcitizen - 11/28/18 09:12 AM

It goes until the 30th but each day has different ships. I have not been paying attention to what ship what days though.
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