Cutlass Black

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Cutlass Black - 06/22/17 06:10 PM

I just CCU'd my Avenger to a Cutlass Black and man it is an ugly ship. I was increasingly unsatisfied with the Avenger, not because it is bad but because I am looking for more of an I-War experience than a Wing Commander one and a bigger ship fits the bill.

Not sure if I will keep it or exchange it for a Freelancer or something else in the future. Don't plan to put significantly more money it the game until it comes out. I have had the Avenger since July 2013 after I melted a 300i package.
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Re: Cutlass Black - 06/23/17 07:33 PM

The current cutlass is temporary. They did a whole rework on the cutlass. Give it until 3.0 drops before you CCU out of it.



The new cutlass will be about half again as big as the current cutlass. (when the new model goes in sometime after 3.0.)

The current cutlass in game is very very broken. They have not fixed any bugs with it since they started working on the new model. So keep that in mind if it bugs out on you in game.
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Re: Cutlass Black - 06/24/17 04:37 PM

The redesign is why I pulled the trigger on the Cutlass. From the recent ATV stuff it has become a much beefier ship, to the point where the Freelancer may no longer have a role as the Cutlass appears poised to fight better, fly cargo almost as well and is also slightly cheaper.
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