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Progress - 04/14/17 07:27 PM

I dont normally post here because there isnt much to really post these days. The game is chugging along with development slowly and I have found it easier to step back and read about updates every month or two.


Here is their latest Around the Verse video that is worth watching. The game looks like it is finally coming together. Now just to wait for 3.0 when we get to play with these new system.

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Re: Progress - 04/14/17 09:47 PM

I would have to agree. By far the best ATV for ages ( the last couple I literally nodded off watching ).

The scale of the detail on these ships is quite breath taking, I really hope they pull it off!


They have released the schedule for 3.0 ( not as long as I thought it might be, though will no doubt be delayed somewhat )... End of June.
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Re: Progress - 04/15/17 04:20 PM

3.0 Schedule

Monthly Report

Spring Free Fly

Spring.... sale frown

Of course they are going to have a sale that coincides with their big news release on 3.0 LOL
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Re: Progress - 04/16/17 09:43 PM

Well, over $146 million now................... nice charts (multicolored) but where's the beef? Again, what the heck are they doing with all that money?

Not giving us a game apparently...!

Don't forget "No Man's Sky"
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Re: Progress - 04/16/17 10:18 PM

This game has been off my hard drive for some while now. I regret buying it tbh. In fact I'd rather play No Man's Sky,at least with the Foundation update it got much better.

I'll see what 3.0 brings before deciding to install it or not. But yeah,with $146 million wtf are they doing? All driving around in new cars I'll bet.
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Re: Progress - 04/17/17 01:06 AM

I'll typically play when an update rolls out to try out the new stuff and once I've played it until I'm repeating myself, I'll move on to something else. I don't get upset about how long it's taking, I'm just enjoying watching it unfold and come together.
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Re: Progress - 04/17/17 01:40 AM

It was announced October 2012 with nothing more than a tech demo. That is really not that long of a time line for a game of that size. I really dont understand how people can get upset over their current timeline. A lot of tripple A games takes 5-8 years to make. This one is barely into year 4 of full development.
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Re: Progress - 04/17/17 08:04 AM

I think if you look at the scale of the game ( 3.0 and beyond ) and how it is now coming together with the necessary tech in place - real scale planetary systems, planetary landings, the scale and complexity of the ships, etc, I can understand the time its taken. How many games do you know that scale the environments like that?

In 3.0 you will be able to look up at a moon thats not just a graphic on a star background, its actually there, if you take off and head towards it, you can land on it, as it is part of an actual star system. I find that very impressive. To have truly multi player environments that will allow you to board another space ship while in space or on a planet, that too I find impressive. There are many aspects of the game that I am truly impressed with and can not wait to try out.

Have they wasted money? Yes, without doubt. There has been many wasted areas of development - Sata ball, Star Marine environments that have been binned, Star Marine (Outlaw) outfits that have been completely dropped. The seemingly endless reworking of ships, the repeated recapturing of mocap actors, etc. There has also been the danger of feature creep (which is always close to the surface ) but they seem to now have a clear vision of where they are going and "seem" to have the tech in place to achieve this.

Personally, I'm cautiously optimistic!

Posted By: Chucky

Re: Progress - 04/17/17 08:20 AM

4 years? It seems longer. Maybe I am getting a little impatient,I'm not getting any younger!
Posted By: BigC208

Re: Progress - 04/22/17 01:54 AM

I'm also optimistic but keep my wallet closed! The new Banu Defender is going for $185! When the game is finally released, probably one more complete computer upgrade away, I'll jump in with both feet. Untill then I'll play finished games and follow the updates, in awe of it all.
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Re: Progress - 04/27/17 08:45 PM

I think we see here as many lessons for future crowd funding as we do lessons in game development. I backed when they had raised a whopping $16 million. There was a limited list of stretch goals that ended around $24m IIRC. There was no reason to believe the scope would grow to what it is today, but new stretch goals were added as more money came in.

I think it's perfectly reasonable for people who backed the game before the scope exploded to be frustrated. They were buying in to development of a much smaller game to be delivered in a much shorter time frame.

On the flip side, nobody, even Chris Roberts, could have predicted the amount of money that is coming in. Resources that would allow truly epic-level development. So do you take the money but only deliver on original expectations? Or do you take the money and deliver the best game possible within those much broader constraints? Chris chose the latter.

But I think future crowd funded games would be well served by stating how they will handle "overfunding" of the original vision.
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Re: Progress - 04/30/17 12:37 AM

Originally Posted by Master
It was announced October 2012 with nothing more than a tech demo. That is really not that long of a time line for a game of that size. I really dont understand how people can get upset over their current timeline. A lot of tripple A games takes 5-8 years to make. This one is barely into year 4 of full development.

IMO, it's even less than 4. Frankfurt opened less than two years ago. I'd say they're at max capacity for two years. I remember how small the Austin office was, there were like 10-15 people in some house. All studios were making slow progress in the first two years. 2015 is where it took off.
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