2.6 just released on Amazon's Lumberyard back end

Posted By: Alicatt

2.6 just released on Amazon's Lumberyard back end - 12/24/16 11:48 AM

Last night CIG released the latest iteration of the Star Citizen PU on Amazon's Lumberyard game engine.

The new game engine, Lumberyard, being based on Crytek's CryEngine allows deeper integration into the Amazon Web Server cloud.

I know that the patcher has been giving a few people a problem in not finishing downloads, but the release to Live of 2.6 went a lot smoother than the updates for the PTU. 2.6L was the last one I got to run as M,N, and O failed to finish downloading for me and sitting there with only 3MB left to download and nothing I did would persuade it to finish, then it went live and I had to start downloading again but I waited until this morning and it has not long finished.

Reading reports that it is a lot more stable and giving some people hours of play time without a crash sounds good.

Righ I'm off to give it a try...
Posted By: K6_Scorpion

Re: 2.6 just released on Amazon's Lumberyard back end - 12/24/16 07:26 PM

Was playing last night and this morning. It's got Star Marine, which was kind of fun. The flight dynamics have changed and there's been ship/weapon balancing. It's taking a little while to get use to using afterburner instead of cruise, but I think I'm finally getting accustomed to it. I can't say that it's more stable than 2.5, because I didn't have any issues with that one either.

A few things I noticed... I get fewer crashes when I use the hangar to enter game modes. Servers have been more laggy/problematic than I've experienced in the past. (can't spawn a ship, etc intermittently). Freelancer doesn't remain stationary after EVA. there is a lot more stuff to find in Yela and the pirates around the ICC missions seem a little harder to kill, but that could just be me getting use to the new flight characteristics. EVA'd in and around Grim Hex for more than an hour this morning, but after about 3 hrs of gameplay, the game crashed. I wasn't disappointed, but it was a little laggy at times and Grim Hex dropped fps pretty low when I was inside.
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