Gamescom Backer's party presentation

Posted By: Alicatt

Gamescom Backer's party presentation - 08/20/16 06:29 PM

Presentation given to the backers at the Gloria theatre in Cologne 19th August 2016.
Was a good event met many old friends and made some new ones too.

Full preview of Alpha 3.0 demo begins at about 35:00 into the video.


Really looking forward to Alpha 3.0 being released, it is one big sandbox that I can hardly wait to drive my dune buggy around biggrin

Edit: at the presentation we got to see it in 4k it was quite awesome youtube looks very low res compared with what we seen live thumbsup
Posted By: Alicatt

Re: Gamescom Backer's party presentation - 08/20/16 06:42 PM

Andy posted up some 4k screenshots


Posted By: kludger

Re: Gamescom Backer's party presentation - 08/20/16 10:29 PM

Planetary landing was impressive, hopefully they will keep putting things together into a great game.
Posted By: Master

Re: Gamescom Backer's party presentation - 08/21/16 04:37 PM

It feels like they are finally getting this game together. If they can pull off this 3.0 by December like they want I will be very surprised and happy!

I've never really felt like my huge investment was a mistake but there has been a LOT of nay saying against the game so if they can pull it off that would be extremely vindicating.
Posted By: K6_Scorpion

Re: Gamescom Backer's party presentation - 08/21/16 05:21 PM

Was pretty impressed with the Livestream, especially with the real time game play. To me, 3.0 looks very encouraging and having them shoot for the end of the year to have the new features implemented is cool. I'm even kicking around a small shuffle of my fleet to incorporate the Terrapin.
Posted By: Master

Re: Gamescom Backer's party presentation - 08/21/16 05:45 PM

I got rid of a few of my combat ships to pick up the carrack and terrapin (support). I figure having the bigger multicrew stuff is going to be easier to help get people into the game doing things than having a few single seater fighters. I'd rather just buy those in game.

So I melted my saber and retaliator and a few small ships to pick up that package. I also used my 10% off centurion subscriber coupon which basically gave me 50 bucks (since I didnt actually spend any money. I just melted my stuff)
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