Starfarer hangar demo

Posted By: Para_Bellum

Starfarer hangar demo - 03/30/16 09:16 PM

CGI has given us a nice present: a Starfarer for all players to check out in the Hangar!

Very impressive, to say the least.

Posted By: strykerpsg

Re: Starfarer hangar demo - 03/31/16 02:53 AM

It is indeed a massive ship, looking forward to how it can be crewed, either all MP, NPC or a combination of the two. My preference would be the latter.

As an additional note, I believe it's only view-able in the Revel and York hangar, on the far left side.
Posted By: Para_Bellum

Re: Starfarer hangar demo - 03/31/16 09:38 AM

The attention to detail in those ships is amazing. And it's always fun to find stuff like this:

Posted By: Ratcatcher

Re: Starfarer hangar demo - 03/31/16 10:47 AM


Ahhh, just had a look round it. Yes it is impressive, some issues still evident ( dropped through the ship while in a maintenance tunnel ) but pretty good. I wouldnt quite call it a Capital Ship, but it is certainly big.

Sorry did you say all players??? Even those that haven't bought it?

If so, DOH! I'm missing a trick, as I haven't even thought to look as I haven't got one!
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