Playing Co-Op Vanduul Swarm

Posted By: K6_Scorpion

Playing Co-Op Vanduul Swarm - 01/01/16 04:38 AM

Anyone playing this? My ping is horrible ~750, but I gave it a shot anyways and it turns out that it's pretty fun. I played AC initially, but it wasn't as smooth as I'd have liked and I was having a tough time keeping on target when firing. I got a new gpu and gave it another shot... was pretty smooth, but still couldn't keep the pips on the target. Thought... let me try the mouse... and it worked much better. I ended up using my Throttle and mouse for fighting and the stick for a few of the hats/buttons or when in non combat situations.

I've only got a handful of matches under my belt, but some of these guys in the co-op matches are pretty good. I'm taking names down for escort mission invites.
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