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TEST DRIVE THE ORIGIN 300 SERIES! - 02/14/15 05:28 PM


For the next week, we are unlocking the entire Origin 300 series for all backers to try out! This includes the following ships:


If you’re going to travel the stars… why not do it in style? The 300i is Origin Jumpworks’ premiere luxury spacecraft. It is a sleek, silver killer that sends as much of a message with its silhouette as it does with its weaponry.


Exploration is man’s highest calling. Prepare to chart distant horizons with man’s most sophisticated piece of technology, the ORIGIN 315p. Featuring a more robust power plant and a custom scanning package, exclusively designed by Chimera Communications.


Just because it’s a rough galaxy doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice your comfort: the 325a can come out on top in any dogfight. The 325a features an advanced weapon payload as well as a custom targeting system designed especially for the 325a by WillsOp.


The combination of a Gangleri BP 707 Standard powerplant with a 300i fuselage re-engineered to accommodate twin Hammer Propulsion HM 4.3 thrusters makes the 350r the fastest personal craft you’ll ever call your own.

We hope you enjoy this opportunity to test drive Origin’s 300 lineup. Testing these ships will be extremely valuable. The 300 series can handle any of your space travel needs. The 300 Series by Origin Jumpworks!

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