Can't find my helmet!?

Posted By: Smithcorp

Can't find my helmet!? - 01/26/15 07:04 AM

Felt like checking in on the status of this game. I downloaded the latest update and I see a new hangar (after a loooong loading time) but now I can't find my helmet. No plinth, no helmet.

I can get into my ships but I haven't tried flying them yet - last time I played the alpha you had to have your helmet on to fly. Any tips on where to find it would be much appreciated.

Posted By: Ratcatcher

Re: Can't find my helmet!? - 01/26/15 07:12 AM

Not sure where the helmet might be in the hanger, but you don't need the helmet on to fly. Once your in AC you will find that your helmet is on.
Posted By: Smithcorp

Re: Can't find my helmet!? - 01/26/15 07:21 AM

Ah, thanks. I'll try that. Thanks for replying.
Posted By: K6_Scorpion

Re: Can't find my helmet!? - 01/30/15 02:17 AM

I don't think the helmet is in the hangars anymore. As Ratcatcher stated though, it's no longer needed to play AC. Climb in the ship and the AC screen comes up. Hit "Tab" to gain mouse control and then pick you poison.
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