GOG Galaxy 2.0

Posted By: Red2112

GOG Galaxy 2.0 - 06/16/19 10:31 AM

One hub for all stores, not a bad Idea...

Posted By: MarkG

Re: GOG Galaxy 2.0 - 06/17/19 02:55 PM

Interesting idea.

Regarding the comments and with other discussions, it disappoints me that people still don't grasp what it really means to own media.

"You don't own the software, only a license to use it."

Well, duh. It's not your creation so of course you don't own the intellectual property. But you do own the physical media and this makes a difference as it has monetary value.

It's usually so simple to me...

If you can legally sell it or include it in your will, you own it. It's your property. This should include all music CDs and movie DVDs.

Yes, there are restrictions as to what you can do with it (no reverse engineering, hacking or claiming it as your creation). Same with purchasing property in the boonies, you still have to abide by zoning laws and pay taxes on it. Or if you own a home in a neighborhood, you probably have a book of restrictions to follow, especially if it's in a nice area. You may not be able to paint your house any color you want or put a fence where you want. But restrictions and limitations don't negate ownership. You can still sell and will your house and property. They have value.

Sometimes it's not so cut-and-dry, like with my older licenses of AutoCAD which, reading the fine print, I agreed not to sell without approval from Autodesk (with their cut). So then I consider how much of my media is dependent on a third-party to function. With my GOG games (as with my Windows 2000 [and technically XP], AutoCAD and Amazon MP3s), there's no dependency whatsoever. Once you download the install (full setup) or file, you *never* have to connect online for it to work, not even once.

That's not to say those other services aren't good (lots of people are very happy with Steam, for example), but let's not pretend they're the same when you have an online umbilical cord.

EDIT: I don't use Galaxy or any other frontend or loader for my GOG games, I simply download the full setup and copy to my offline desktop for installation, after archiving it.
Posted By: Red2112

Re: GOG Galaxy 2.0 - 06/18/19 09:16 AM

I agree...

I try to buy what Iam looking for at GOG if I can, actually I bought six games in there recent summer sale, but unfortunately alot of us have alot of Steam games, Ubisoft etc. If this works out, which I have a gut feeling it will, I just hope GOG still offers a way to download there games without any app, and gameplay without any online DRM. ThatsĀ“s what set them aside in the first place, so fingers crossed in that regard.
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