Barrel roll tutorial - Aerobatics

Posted By: HenFre_DK

Barrel roll tutorial - Aerobatics - 03/04/19 04:13 PM

Hello again

It is time to learn a new aerobatic manuever and this time it is the famous Barrel roll. You can watch my video and get some tips on how to perform it:


Hope you enjoy it and please subscribe to my channel to get new tutorials in the future.

All the best.

Posted By: HeinKill

Re: Barrel roll tutorial - Aerobatics - 04/02/19 06:26 AM

Hej Henrik, flot arbejde, tillykke! I particularly like the use of windows inside the view to explain what is going on, very nice.

Speculating on why there are no comments or replies here I suspect it is because you are describing basic flight maneouvers, and most sim pilots here would not need to review these. To attract this audience, try posting a video on an advanced combat tactic, or focus on manouvers which are best suited to specific aircraft types: how to boom n zoom in the 109, how not to completely bleed off your energy in P40 turning fight etc.

Venlig hilsen!

Posted By: Blade_Meister

Re: Barrel roll tutorial - Aerobatics - 04/26/19 09:41 PM

Nice job Henrik. I just never come in this Section(IL2 GB thread) anymore because all I see are endless threads of skin postings that I have already seen in IL2 Great Battles Forum. sigh

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