The Outer Worlds...

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The Outer Worlds... - 02/01/20 04:45 PM

Anyone playing it?
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Re: The Outer Worlds... - 02/05/20 03:24 PM

Several of the guys on the simhq discord played it when it first came out. Think most people are done with it by now though. From what I saw they all enjoyed it. (but were upset it was an epic exclusive) A lot of them played it on console to bypass epic.
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Re: The Outer Worlds... - 02/06/20 09:05 AM

My son brought it over when he visited me over Christmas, it seemed to me to be Fallout New Vegas In Space. Looked nice in some areas but there wasn't really the exploration that I look for in games. Of course, I didn't see all of it just the parts he visited while I saw it, it was just the impression I got.
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Re: The Outer Worlds... - 04/11/20 04:41 PM

I bought it and played through it once. However, unlike Fallout New Vegas, it didn't grab me well enough for me to play through it completely a 2nd time. The combat was chaotic and repetitive at best. Once into the campaign, there are just too many weapons and armor suits to choose from with not enough unique features to make any of them stand out. There is little to no stealth component to the combat. That's a big minus for me.

You can hire on a crew of 4 different characters, but can only take two of them off of your base ship for missions. For the sake of diversity, one of your initial crew members turns out to be a shy lesbian and a minor mission that is part of the main campaign is for you to help her pick out an outfit to wear and a menu to serve to woo this other lesbian who is the chief engineer of one of the spaceports you visit. You actually have to fight these space creatures to secure the food. It may be the most bizarre mission I've ever had to contend with in a PC game.

Somehow, I just never expected to play the role of a match-maker for lesbians in a PC RPG about planetary exploration and combat.

I found the map system a bit awkward for fast travel, but workable.

Overall, I'd give the game maybe a 6 or 6.5 out of 10. Unlike most other RPG/combat games I've played, I can't ever see me coming back to it ever for a future playthrough again. That really decreases it's value to me. Your results may vary

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Re: The Outer Worlds... - 11/30/20 01:50 PM

Good post F/O.

I recently found I needed to fill in the time I had scheduled or set aside to play the amazing Cyberpunk 2077, but then it got delayed again, so I bought Ghost Warrior Contracts. But I played through that game in just a few days, so I was on the lookout once again. I was flipping through the Steam sale and had picked out several candidates. The one I ended up pulling the trigger on though was Outer Worlds. Obsidian of course has made some great games, and the reviews suggest this one is good too.

Only played a short time, but my first impressions were that it has elements of Fallout, BioShock and Borderlands in it. Combat sucks, but the rest seems pretty good. Any game that can make me laugh out loud is a winner in my book. Not sure how I'll feel after sinking more time in to it, but early impressions are favorable, even if the combat is weak, which is a shame.

*Who knows if Cyberpunk will actually be amazing. My money's on yes it will.
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Re: The Outer Worlds... - 12/02/20 03:05 PM

I took a flyer on this one as well, and I agree - it's got a BioShock/Borderlands flavor to it. I'm not normally a fan of such games, but those two in particular did grab me. This one seems to be doing so as well. It's engaging, witty, and has a certain charm all its own. I look forward to exploring it further.
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Re: The Outer Worlds... - 12/02/20 03:26 PM

There is plenty to like, but man the combat sucks. I kind of shelved it already because what I saw was AI that simply rushes the player as soon as he is detected. I want to like the game and I'll give it some more time. But I was quite put off by this.

But a good RPG is more than combat and it seems like the game has a lot going for it in other areas. If you go deeper let me know what you think of your experience, especially what the game is like after leaving the opening world. I bought Borderlands 3 again (Steam this time with all DLC) and I've kind of transitioned to that for the mo.
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Re: The Outer Worlds... - 12/02/20 04:05 PM

Honestly the combat in these types of games doesn't really appeal to me, so the fact it's watered down is ok with me. I'm good with chasing down the story, as long as it's well written, engaging, and not grindy.
I'm kinda rotating through a few different games right now, but as I get along in it I'll share my thoughts.

I never did finish Borderlands, I should jump back in and give that one another go too someday.
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Re: The Outer Worlds... - 12/02/20 04:49 PM

Yeah, Borderlands is one of my favorites. I dig the whole setup with this series. It certainly divides opinion, but for me it's right in my wheelhouse.

That would be great if you post now and then if you make progress in Outer Worlds. I'll return to it I'm sure.

You know what I need in Outer Worlds? Mine fields. Lay a field, then trigger the NPCs, who in their blind rush straight at me, would enter the mine field and be blown to bits, in which case I would now find something to like about the combat AI smile
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Re: The Outer Worlds... - 12/02/20 05:01 PM

I have always enjoyed the exploration and worldbuilding of these types of games far more than the combat. When it comes to shooting stuff, I'm more of a Doom or Quake guy where a couple of shots and the monster is dead, not twenty mag dumps later.

I should probably try this game, regardless.
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