Rogue System is back

Posted By: piper

Rogue System is back - 06/17/17 03:03 PM

I bought into this a while back. Cool space sim developed by a one man show. Kinda went dark for a bit, but received the following email yesterday.
Check it out - plenty of vids on utube if interested.

RogSys Version EVAS Update.
I will not pretend by saying the time lapse between the last update and this one has not been excessive. It has. Without offering up a slew of excuses, I will tell you that a lot has happened, both work-related and personally, that greatly exaggerated this updates development cycle. That said, I have come out on the other side of many of these challenges; and development is once again moving at pace. That out of the way, I’m happy to introduce extra-vehicular activity suits (EVAS). You can enter the airlock, put on the EVA suit and helmet, and then command the exterior to open. The airlock is sealed and depressurized, and once do you are free to use the EVAS RCS thrusters to maneuver in open space. When done, you can re-enter the airlock, seal it, and remove the suit once the airlock is re-pressurized. There currently are no transitions (putting on the suit or helmet), nor suit animations. Likewise, the VMS HUD is not yet implemented.

The good news is that with the completion of this update’s work, all required functions for RogSys have been prototyped and at least initially implemented–EVAS was the last remaining primary function (and the ONLY one that had never before had ANY prototyping). From this point on, RogSys development focus shifts to content creation, gameplay addition, and system finalization. In other words, RogSys has now entered a proper Alpha state, and is now moving towards Beta (all gameplay and features in place with final testing required). I am VERY excited to get this phase underway, and to begin seeing Rogue System move towards the final Core Module 1.0 release.

The focus for the next update will be to add some new missions–to extend current gameplay–based on the systems in the current state. I also want to finalize at least one ship system’s functionality per update; and that will begin with this update. Finally, I will be adding a preliminary VMS HUD to EVAS to increase its accessibility.

As always, thanks for everyone’s support!

Michael Juliano
Founder, Digits Crossed Interactive
Posted By: Chucky

Re: Rogue System is back - 06/21/17 02:41 PM

I'll be honest,I thought this was going to fade away at one point. I've had it a year and dabbled with it a little but I was waiting for a little bit more content. This could be it.
Posted By: SacaSoh

Re: Rogue System is back - 06/29/17 03:54 PM

70% discount on Steam right now. Worth it even if the development stops right now (and I think it will go on, as per piper post).
Posted By: Ratcatcher

Re: Rogue System is back - 07/04/17 04:57 PM

I will be honest, I'm not sure I will ever get round to playing this but for £6.00 I've bought it just to help with this guys devlopment and determination in getting a project like this off the ground ( or space station...)

Good luck!
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Re: Rogue System is back - 11/21/17 09:51 PM

New update, actualy there´s been more then one since this thread...

Steam RS:
Update ECO
Posted By: Red2112

Re: Rogue System is back - 04/19/18 03:18 PM

New update, v0.4.01.3...
RS update Steam

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