Galaxy on Fire 2 "Full HD"

Posted By: Aero

Galaxy on Fire 2 "Full HD" - 08/23/12 10:07 PM

I noticed that this was recently released on Steam ( http://store.steampowered.com/app/212010/ ), and that it is originally a cellphone game. Still, the graphics look decent, it has an element of Elite (trading and such) to it, and maybe it's okay for $20. Anyone have experience with either the phone/tablet version or the new PC version? Actual flight/combat looks pretty arcadish and third person, which isn't necessarily a deal breaker, but a bit of a shame.

There are so few new space sims these days.

edit: Ah screw it, I bought it anyways. I'll let you know. smile

One time... ONE time, I accidentally forgot to uncheck the "save my payment details" thing on Steam. Now it's just so damn easy to buy stuff, it's hard not to.
Posted By: Aero

Re: Galaxy on Fire 2 "Full HD" - 08/24/12 12:09 AM

Meh, it's okay. I'd describe it as a marginally simplified version of Freelancer. There doesn't seem to be much depth to it, but on the other hand it seems like a good time killer. The combat is a pretty simple point and click affair, and in that sense it is very much like Freelancer. Probably an excellent on-the-go tablet game (though I can't imagine playing it with tilt and a touch screen). Anyways, it's a keeper and I'll probably put a fair few hours into it--though likely in little chunks here and there. The graphics are nice, but not technologically impressive so presumably it will run well on my laptop. Maybe there's more to it when you can afford a better ship and weapons and do harder missions (I've only put about an hour in, done the tutorial bit, mined a little and took on a couple side missions from the bar),

Probably not worth the $20 asking price, to be honest. Maybe $10.
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Re: Galaxy on Fire 2 "Full HD" - 09/03/12 07:23 PM

Galaxy on fire was the first app that I got for my iPhone, havn't played it in more than a year
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