Rogue System -- New WIP video (#3)

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Rogue System -- New WIP video (#3) - 05/11/12 07:52 PM

Hi all,

Kind of early with this one--milestone isn't done yet but I wanted to show you the new WIP cockpit interior and system integration, which you can find here:


Lots of work left to do for sure, but it's much more defined now. Also, there's a bit more info over at the RS forums about the vid, but most of the detail is in the vid itself.


Finally, I'll be adding a new Dev Blog Update later today if you're interested: http://www.fingerscrossedinteractive.com/developers-blog.html

More news after this milestone is finished up--sometime mid-June probably. Until next time...

Cheers smile
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Re: Rogue System -- New WIP video (#3) - 05/11/12 08:53 PM

You taking pre-orders yet? smile
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Re: Rogue System -- New WIP video (#3) - 05/12/12 12:37 AM

You know, I kind of thought about the whole kickstarter thing--if I could round up a year's worth of salary I could work on this 24-7 and get it done a LOT sooner. I'm not sure it's really in a state to do that yet and make a good showing. I don't know--think I still have some time before I need to start seriously considering something like that...

In any case, no--no pre-orders yet. wink Glad you like the direction enough to ask about it though--makes all the work worth it for sure biggrin
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Re: Rogue System -- New WIP video (#3) - 05/12/12 12:58 AM

thumbsup thumbsup
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Re: Rogue System -- New WIP video (#3) - 05/19/12 03:07 AM

Wow. I can't tell you how long I've waited for a space sim like this. Please keep up the great work, and I would back this as a kickstarter project in a heartbeat.


If you're looking for any help with textures or modeling, I may be able to help you out.
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Re: Rogue System -- New WIP video (#3) - 05/19/12 04:09 AM

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Re: Rogue System -- New WIP video (#3) - 05/21/12 03:03 AM

Looking great!

My advice would be to delay a Kickstarter until you can really show off your project with some detailed preview of the gameplay (which is hard given that it means you have to go a long way through development first). Right now there is a small crowd of space games in Kickstarter, and even though they got covered by some major websites such as Rock Paper Shotgun, they seem to struggle a bit gathering funding (some of them aimed at really high goals such as $200 000...).
But if you ever start a Kickstarter campaign, you can count on me to back it up and spread the word!
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Re: Rogue System -- New WIP video (#3) - 05/21/12 03:58 AM

Cheers for the support smile

And yes, I agree that I'd need a fairly strong proof-of-concept video to have a shot at a successful kickstarter. No worries--I'll just keep doing what I'm doing until I get to that point. But by then I might not need it anyway smile
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Re: Rogue System -- New WIP video (#3) - 05/25/12 04:30 PM

Can't wait! Just let me know when and where to send payment!
Posted By: tn_prvteye

Re: Rogue System -- New WIP video (#3) - 05/25/12 05:03 PM

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Re: Rogue System -- New WIP video (#3) - 06/18/12 12:20 AM

Hi all. Been a while so I thought I'd throw up a new shot showing some WIP environment stuff. WIP ship skin shaders, planetary shaders, post effects and lens flare. The post effects and lens flare stuff can be turned on/off and tweaked. Also, lens flare can only be seen from exterior "cameras", not your Mark I eyeball smile Again, the goal right now is to get these shaders and systems up and running with WIP art that isn't terrible to look at, so nothing should be considered "final" by any means.

Look for a new video and update soon--just need to finish up this milestone. Cheers...

By the way, no photoshop work was done to this shot (I don't believe in that). It is what it is straight from the sim--what you see is what you get smile
Posted By: No Name

Re: Rogue System -- New WIP video (#3) - 06/18/12 04:21 AM

Nice, as always. My hat is off to you!
Posted By: komemiute

Re: Rogue System -- New WIP video (#3) - 06/20/12 06:57 AM

Lovely bird, yes. yep
Posted By: Torquatus

Re: Rogue System -- New WIP video (#3) - 06/20/12 12:35 PM

That is just beautiful! cheers
Posted By: Tempered

Re: Rogue System -- New WIP video (#3) - 06/23/12 04:24 AM

I can't wait to get behind the wheel of this sim.
Posted By: Crisis

Re: Rogue System -- New WIP video (#3) - 07/18/12 02:52 PM

Hi, it's been a while so I posted a bit of an update over at the Rogue System forums, as well as a new developer blog entry. You can get to both from here: http://www.fingerscrossedinteractive.com/

I have to hold off on the next WIP video unfortunately. I've been waiting on an engine update that will add a couple final features that I need, and I can't finish up this milestone without them. In the meantime, I've done some planetary shader work and a bit of tidying up of code. I'm off for vacation with the family for a couple weeks, so hopefully the engine update will be ready by time I get back and then I can finish up the last couple things I need in order to move on.

Anyway, see you all in a couple weeks. Cheers... smile
Posted By: EinsteinEP

Re: Rogue System -- New WIP video (#3) - 07/21/12 03:18 AM

Very interested to see where this goes, Crisis!
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Re: Rogue System -- New WIP video (#3) - 09/05/12 09:33 PM

How goes the project crisis?
Posted By: Crisis

Re: Rogue System -- New WIP video (#3) - 09/15/12 06:19 AM

Hi all.

Wow--first off I want to apologize for the lack of news recently. Quite honestly there hasn't been as much progress as I'd hoped. I've been waiting for a while on a new update for the engine I'm using which fixes some issues that I HAD to have corrected in order to progress. In the meantime, I've been working on various bits of WIP art in order to support the upcoming work.

I'm happy to say the update is ANY day now, so I've been able to get some code in place in order to support the new stuff. I have some new images of that work as well as some info to go with. Again, please keep in mind that this art only took me days to model and texture--it's very much placeholder art, but not altogether terrible smile

These first two shots show me "standing" inside the hangar of a station in First-person mode (you can craw, crouch, walk, run, lean, etc., not useful now, but later when breaching actions are added they'll come in handy wink ). You can see my ship docked in the hangar, and the station is in orbit around the planet beyond. In the second shot you can see I'm looking at a hotspot on my ship (that I have to get so close is a limitation caused by a soon to be fixed engine bug) that gives me an option to enter the cockpit directly. If I press the FPS "action" key when this is displayed I get moved from the hangar into the cockpit, and I'm free to start working the controls.

The tricky part to all this was keeping everything synced up as you move from one interior to the other.

A note about the planet--it is pseudo-dynamically created based on its type. What happens is that the sim looks at each planet by type and grabs one of a few planetary shaders that I developed. It mixes and matches liquid, terrain, vegetation, and cloud maps based on varying factors. Each planet is quite unique, and obviously the better the textures get the better the end result will be (and modders will be able to add new textures easily to expand the variety). Also of interest is that on the dark side you can see city lights if the planet is inhabited, and there are lightening flashes within storm clouds (which is pretty cool really).

The shot below I just quickly grabbed after I advanced time by about 8 months when I was testing synchronization. You can see the star off in the distance, as well as one of the moons of the planet you're orbiting. It did highlight a minor bug with the star's glare I need to fix smile And finally:

Here's one last shot showing the hangar and the docked ship. If you look out of the portal you can see the exterior of another "arm" of the station I'm on. Something to note here is the orange stripe--the color is player definable. Later, when elite-style play is added it'll be possible to buy stations and such. You'll be able to personalize them by changing color, logos, names and identity numbers. This all works right now. Even though that mode won't be in the initial release you can see that I'm thinking ahead and coding now for its integration...

At the moment I'm working on (S)pace (T)raffice (C)ontrol logic that gives you clearance to start engines, and then to take off (the logic for landing is already done). So, by the end of this milestone I'll be able to walk up to my ship, get in, start it, get clearance, take off, land, and then get back out. All of this is EXTREMELY fundamental elements to overall game play. When that is all done I'll put up another vid showing all this in action.

The goal of the upcoming milestone will be to walk to other parts of the station (with working doors, elevators, etc) as well as actually "killing" an enemy ship (very close to this already). By Christmas all of the essential elements will be in place to begin building gameplay around...

And that's about it--there may be a BIT more detailed info over at my site ( http://www.fingerscrossedinteractive.com ) in the developer's blog, and the "development news" of the forums, but I think I covered the major points here smile

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Re: Rogue System -- New WIP video (#3) - 09/15/12 04:21 PM

Looks great! smile
Posted By: Azshal

Re: Rogue System -- New WIP video (#3) - 09/15/12 09:19 PM

Looks good. Real good. Let me know when you want my money xwing
Posted By: Crisis

Re: Rogue System -- New WIP video (#3) - 09/15/12 11:24 PM

I think what I might do when the time comes is to just open up a contribution thing at my site where contributing different amounts will entitle you to different things, such as:

Option A -- A copy of the initial module (basically a "pre-order", if you will)
Option B -- A + entry into Beta testing
Option C -- A and B + entry into Alpha testing
Option D -- A, B and C as well as any future module releases

Updates for bug fixes and such will always be free, as will periodic ship and component additions.

Maybe I'll just put a donate button on there and allow anyone who donates over a certain amount to help test and offer the initial module for free to everyone to get it started. I don't know--there's still a lot of time until I really need to start thinking seriously about it.

I do appreciate the sentiment though wink
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