Override Launch Authorization?

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Override Launch Authorization? - 09/19/05 01:44 PM

Is there any way to defeat the launch authorization system so that R-77s can be launched to search and destroy on their own?
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Re: Override Launch Authorization? - 09/20/05 10:49 AM

Are you talking about longitudinal or uncaged aiming?
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Re: Override Launch Authorization? - 09/23/05 03:32 AM

I want to fire them in the general direction of the bad guys without any guidance engaged except their onboard RADARs when they get close enough to a target to lock on, as can be done with AMRAAMs - i.e. "mad dogs."
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Re: Override Launch Authorization? - 09/24/05 02:35 AM

I don't know. I'll try it. I'm assuming you mean in Longitudinal Mode you can't simply fire them without the missile first aquiring someone. I'd assume that's accurate, since the manual says the active homing is predominantly for killing an extra aircraft after its wingman was just brought down by another missile, a reason to stagger the R-77's with a few seconds between each.
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Re: Override Launch Authorization? - 09/25/05 02:08 PM

Actually, if the RADAR mode matters, BVR is the mode that I am in when I want to do this.
Specifically, in a head-on engagement, the effective range of the R-77 is much greater than the range at which I can lock up bad guys. So I am forced to fly into their lock-on range before I can fire, and I am just as likely to be blown out of the sky as the other guy.
So I would like to employ a tactic like the one I have used when flying the Superbug in Jane's F/A-18 or the Viper in Falcon 4.0 - fire an AMRAAM or two in the direction of the bad guys without RADAR lock, or even with the RADAR off if AWACS is present.
It provides a distinct advantage in that it keeps me out of the bad guys' lock-on range, and according to how Flanker is modeled, such a launch may not trigger a launch alert in the enemy plane.
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Re: Override Launch Authorization? - 09/26/05 05:50 AM

I tried to force a launch in long mode, but no go. I've used the grinder plenty of times in Flanker. You should be able to detect the targets with plenty of time to kill (oh, that was a good pun...oh yeah). IRST doesn't detect targets easily when they're facing you, but has a more effective maximum range at max range than your radar. So you might want to use the extended range IR 27's to get a stealthier kill. You also need to make sure you're kenematically preped to make long range locks. The system won't lock if you can't impact the target at your current altitude and relative velocity to the target. I know JF-18 and TAW cheated the effective ranges of AMRAAMs slightly. I doubt anything like that was done with Flanker. I'm not sure about Falcon. The issue of using the grinder is if you miss, when you come back around you'll probably get tagged. On the single missions where there are no AWACs to confirm the splash, that's a big annoyance. Normally I'd ***** about not being able to fire without a lock (I like the *****ing), but I've got Off FCS on the second trigger for cobra manuvers, so unless I free up another button I'm content. Almost forgot something: if you have AWACs in the air, make sure you're locking from there, not with your own radar. And if you don't have any, don't try to go to a lock from raw scan. TWS is the mode to lock from manually, otherwise the blips go in and out. Not sure what else to tell you.
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