Auto ACQ, Found it!

Posted By: Reticuli

Auto ACQ, Found it! - 09/12/05 09:56 AM

There is one. After you have detected with radar or electo optical/IR or the AWACs have transmitted contact info, under the AWACs screen any target that is currently cycled to can be aquired by simply pressing the lock button. That way you can fly with your sensors off using AWAC data only, then lock to STT (I think that's what it's called) the constant beam lock and fire away. Then you can switch to the next target and do the same thing. Very cool. So now the only things I have to ***** about are the pop up buildings and my problems with anti aliasing. But it's much easier to target an enemy now BVR, before they swat me down. I don't remember seeing this in the manual and no one's mentioned it on several threads and chatrooms. But it's there, funtioning just like in ground target mode.
Posted By: Reticuli

Re: Auto ACQ, Found it! - 09/13/05 01:29 AM

It was in the manual. It's just not mentioned in depth. Odd that it's available under AG and AWACs, but not Air. Oh well. Good enough. Now I've just got to figure out this antialiasing issue. I'm getting annoyed with having to exit that game and go back in for each mission/death. Takes about 2min 30secs extra.
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