WoW install problem

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WoW install problem - 09/04/04 03:39 AM

Arrrghh, so close yet so far....

I've just installed WoW for the PC on my Dell 8300 - 3Ghz, 1GB Ram. I have a Radeon 9800 card with the latest CAT 4.8 drivers. The problem: I can't get by the setup screen to run the game! The display driver is showing as a Radeon 9800 Pro and I can't get setup to hold any settings or autodetect. It gives me a "setup settings are still incorrect" error. I'm running Direct X 9.0b as per the manual. Anybody else run into this snafu with a Radeon 9800? Any suggestions?

Any help would be appreciated - after reading the posts about this game I can't wait to take her for a spin :p

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Re: WoW install problem - 09/04/04 08:55 AM

Msupp96 - S!

Sorry to hear about the probs. I run a 9800Pro with Athlon 1800 (on Windows 98SE though).
There was no problem setting up.
I did not use Autodetect.
Does it identify your graphcis card and drivers in the left of the setup screen?
Make sure you have triple buffering and vertical synch tabs pressed in.
Resolutions are compatible?
Choose headphones or speaker set up in sound ( top right ), and I see no reason why it isn't setting up.
I take it you do this with your antivirus software switched off? Sometimes a conflict there with some software?
I use the Omega drivers, BTW,which have fastwrites off.

Edit - Read the tips on page 4 of manual, especially the last paragraph.

Hope you succeed.

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