Still playing?

Posted By: Stormtrooper

Still playing? - 05/12/19 12:28 AM

Getting killed a lot more often and time is rare for me. Still plugging away though. Got a Scorpian with a silencer and two magazines. Might last a little longer this time lol.
Posted By: Ajay

Re: Still playing? - 06/19/19 01:31 PM

Hey Troops, haven't played in some time but..my daughter is interested now so i may pick it up for her so we can go for a forest run and see how she likes the Dayz world. She loves crafting games, exploration and is pretty good at pvp games so i hope we can have some cool adventures together.
Posted By: Sluggish Controls

Re: Still playing? - 07/12/19 06:30 AM

About to get back into DayZ.
Read that the latest PC stable version is by far the best, ever. There is also a parallel Steam install for the Experimental version.

DayZ has always hit a soft spot in my Steam library. Eventually got a serious case of PvP overdose, and bugged off.
Maybe time to get back in the woods, staying away from fully-geared 13 yrs old brats...

Posted By: Laniakea_aka_Jeff

Re: Still playing? - 07/12/19 11:11 PM

Just going to hop in as an old DayZ player to give anyone unaware a heads up about the game SCUM. It's in early access at the moment, but at a much faster pace than DayZ could ever reach. Been out for about 9 months now, and they already have vehicles, base building, fortifying buildings, etc. In a lot of areas, it's already more polished than DayZ currently is, since it's running on the Unreal engine.

Just to give you an idea how detailed it is / is going to be, here's a recent Dev video on archery ....enjoy the humor:)

Here's one that highlights the character skills of camouflage & awareness that also shows how the developers handle people running different graphic settings on the computers. Watch to the end to see the camo/stealth aspects of the game in action :

The devs of this game have a twisted sense of humor, and there are some adult elements in the character creation and certain items in-game, so be advised.
Posted By: Ajay

Re: Still playing? - 07/14/19 10:21 AM

Scum looks well done, i just don't know if i can dedicate myself to another full on survival type game atm smile
Posted By: Laniakea_aka_Jeff

Re: Still playing? - 07/14/19 04:08 PM

Time is a problem with me too. The nice thing about Scum is, when I start a new character, I can set the stats I want to start with (proper strength, intelligence, survival, etc), and within a few minutes of loading in, i can be lethal with the crafted weapons i can make. I also like that the devs have an endgame in mind, so that the player can work to get off the island. It's not implemented yet, but these guys have been on the ball so far.
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