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Install procedures w/sources, UOP links - 12/08/04 03:06 AM

Don't have RB3D? Get RBII (free German D/L) and upgrade to "3D" and English with screen by screen instructions: http://www.virtualaces.net/redbaron/redbaron.html
Recent developements Sept 2008; "RAC_Gump" has created a new RB3D upgrade package. Includes RB3D fixes, SWWISA plane models, c'pits and skins from WFP, HASP and FCJ, sounds, FX, modified PL1 style terrain, basically a total upgrade to serve as a basis for UOP's. The plane's skin assignments are in total disarray but the package is operable now with further improvements being planned. Gumps site also offers tons of rare files and latest editions of utilities (if you see a link to a utility below, look here first)and much more! Here you go:

http://www.rb3d.net/osl/GumpsBONUS.html (temporarily unavailable)

Recent developments, August, 2007: A failed 'distance' river branch tile orientation in stock RB3D which affects all terrain patches now has a fix thanks to "Zsolt" and "1Mark66" for creating it and "Swordfish" and "von Oben" for hosting a D/L. Add these files (from "DML_river-fix") to Simpatch in all your RB3D installs (Gump's Upgrade already includes this fix):
Recent developments, May 2007:
"Gabi" has modified the "09rc9" GlidOs GLIDE wrapper and dGvoodoo 150Beta2 for spectacular improvement in the game's display and Framerates. See also about his "RELOAD" utility here:
The RELOAD utility replaces the FPS counter (ALT+F) with ammo counter and other info. The utility also offers options for chance of engine failure, hard unjams, hard gun reload, idle/mixture adjustments and much more. Automatically loads date-based files and enables front (and rear)guns on your 2-seater flights (WFP2 and ROTJ3R11)! Start RB3D from this utiiity.
Current UOP links:
Gump's Upgade v2a, link above
Hell's Angels Super Patch (HASP) and Hell's Angels Gold (RB3D stock planes upgrade): http://www.hellsangels.firstflare.com/
Revenge Of The Jastas: (ROTJ3R11) http://www.vonhelton.com/rotj3.htm
Western Front Patch (WFP2): http://www.swwisa.net/wfp/downloads.html
Full Canvas Jacket (FCJ) is no longer officially available.
Some other interesting UOP's & stuff: http://www.swwisa.net/rb3d.html
Yet more UOP's http://redbaronplayers.net/uopmods1.htm I doubt if the links are updated so good luck!
Available as of April, 2007 - Very pretty PL2 style (originally by Kessler)GLIDE terrain VOL's combined with upgraded effects/objects graphics (PL2PL). Several versions are offered to include 'blue rivers' and/or more noticeable 'dromelites'(PL2PLRD).
A seasonal PL2 (or any stock paletted terrain) modifier/colorfull skies DATE Patch (requires CM11 or ReLoad)and "object visible" NML patch for the PL2PL combo series available here:
"PlasV1a" (Promised Land All Seasons version 1 by Kessler)is a stock-based UOP which contains PL1 style GLIDE and DD terrain and SWWISA plane models: http://www.rb3d.net/Swordfish/links.htm
Also be sure to check out these other great newbie info sources:
Don't miss this multiple install info plus more from the crew at JASTA 5: http://www.jasta5.org/Jagdstaffeln_5/red_baron_j5_mechanics_shop.htm

NOTE: High modern processor speeds have been causing some 'nosing over' problems which are addressed by the "First Aid Kit" available at Wings Of Valor link.
NOTE: In Win XP with USB joysticks the sound runs one time then quits. The "XP workarounds" lock the in-game PREFERENCES, so get them set to your liking before applying any XP fixes. An XP FIX is already included with FCJ-CP (described below) and you can modify PREFERENCES with it instead of in-game.
Otherwise, here is one "XP/USB nosound" workaround:
First Aid Kit, FCJ-CP and ReLoad also have the XPfix.

Installing RB3D first time (test the game functions after each step):
This concept is to get a modernized, utilitized, well tested install to use as an archive to re-copy for adding various planes patches (UnOfficial Patch=UOP's).
1) Do the "FULL" install from the CD. COPY the VIDEO folder from the DATA folder on the CD to the DATA folder in your install so you can run the game without the CD in the drive. When you double click your RB3D shortcut or BARON.EXE you will get a "disk missing" window, click on the Maltese cross on the upper right 6 times to start the game without the CD.
2) If you're using RBII this is the first page you want to visit to upgrade RBII to RB3D (rb3d_spr.exe)and MMP (rb3d1078.exe):
If your RBII is Valueline or Sold-out-Software you will need to look at this:
http://www.hellsangels.firstflare.com/redbaron.htm You now have RB3D!
NOTE: A copy of "AUTOEXC.NT_" should be in your WINDOWS/SYSTEM32 folder. If it's not there, it's somewhere else on your system. Do a search and put a copy in the folder.
3) *OPTIONAL* Install CM11. (available on the HA site link further down). You will need the file "VBRUN300.DLL" in your WINDOWS/SYSTEM or folder (global)or your RB3D "ARCHIVE" main folder.
CM11 has many features to aid the game like Altering available plane types to fly based on date, installing/uninstalling minor patches like terrains and FMs safely,restoring killed pilots, controlling gunnery,and sounds and starting the War as early as Aug 01,'15 for some Squadrons and much more. This procedure is appended at the bottom of this post.

4) *OPTIONAL* Install FCJ-CP (CP=Control Panel, it's stand-alone and works with all RB installs). http://www.swwisa.net/captdarwin/ The XP "fix" is a checkbox in SELECT SETTINGS - SOUND. All your in-game PREFERENCES can be set here. You can set up PROFILES for different settings, very nice!
5) Info on Video Modes: The game is primarily intended to be run on the now unsupported Voodoo (GLIDE)vidcards but several "wrappers" allow the calls to be interpreted by DirectX or OpenGL to simulate GLIDE. Install "DgVoodoo"(uses DirectX) or the "GlidOS"(OPenGL) to run in GLIDE mode if you don't have Voodoo vidcards. Requires good PROCESSOR power for acceptable FR's and lack of terrain distortion. You will likely have to experiment with several versions before getting the best possible results for your machine. There's no general rule for which will work best on any given computer. You may still see some occasional terrain corruption from RB's limited memory getting overloaded. To temporarily fix it, R-click mouse while flying to get a menu, click SCREENS then select any other resolution than what it currently is (this clears the memory).
Examples of each type of "GLIDE wrapper" can be found here:
http://www.polovski.com/RB3D.htm Read about the required settings carefully.
Gabi's reprogrammed GlidOs "09rc9" here:
The "GlidOS" versions have an "OpenGlid.ini" file which needs to be edited for the wrapper to work for Rb3d.
DO NOT MIX/OVERWRITE THE "GLIDE2X.DLL"'s of DgVoodoo and GLidOS. Keep each version of wrapper in a separate folder with it's associated "Glide2x.dll. You can make a text file in each folder to remind you what is what and what you experienced from it. Test the "GLIDE" operations in FLY NOW.
The other graphics choice is Direct Draw or WINDOWED mode (WINDOWED is DD but also protects your Desktop settings from being corrupted if you are having serious program crashing problems with the game), has excellent FR's,less smooth shading, some pixelation at low altitude, no trees or clouds to fly in. Nice terrains and objects for DD are available at the HA site under "Scenery".
6) Notes and sources on terrains: Terrains are independent from UOP's (UnOfficial Patch) except PlasV1a and Gump's Upgrade. You can switch them out as you like to get different looks in the game. CM11 can do terrain switchouts quickly and safely.
Some terrain choices are: (these are GLIDE terrains,they go in 3DPatch)
6a) OTE/PL combo terrain/effects: (at the HA site)
6b) Ren's site has several:
6b1) "Open Glide tuned terrain" (the "PL128"). Is a PL1 style reduced size for better Framerates. EXCELLENT!
6b2) "tomwinter.zip".
6c) PL2PL combo, brightly colored, shades well, low repeating elements:
6d) "PLasVia.exe", as mentioned above, is a UOP worthy of it's own RB install. To use just the terrains in other installs run the executable to a working folder and copy/move "lowres.vol" to the DATA folder and the 3DPatch VOL files to DATA\3DPatch in your RB installs or use as a CM11 patch.
7) Install anything else in your RB3D ARCHIVE you will want to serve as a basis for multiple installs. Terrain patches,gun and engine sounds etc. already loaded in CM11\Patches, but not FM's,DM's since these are based on the UOP you will use later.
***Have a few flights to check out how the game has changed so far and to make sure things are working OK. If you have started any CAMPAIGNS for testing, DELETE them prior to saving this RB3D install as an archive. UOP's alter files which CAMPAIGN uses and current Campaigns will cause game-crashing problems (DTD's).*** Always start NEW Campaigns after installing a UOP.
Get all issues resolved before proceeding.
At this point, COPY this whole RB folder (not SIERRA)and (OPTIONAL - IF YOU HAVE DISKSPACE ISSUES)ZIP the copy for an archive. Then, any time you like,
you can UNZIP/RECOPY it, already loaded with all your goodies and ready to install a UOP.

The best way to completely upgrade the entire stock game is to install Gump's Upgrade patch then the "Hell's Angels Gold" (HAG). http://www.hellsangels.firstflare.com/
The patch order for HASP is:
1) HASP main Patch.
2) "SP3a".
If you'd like to see the Aces survive late into the War, you can apply the "RESURRECTION" patch to HASP. There's also a "Blue Max" patch which includes plane skins, Pilots and music related to the movie of the same name.

Also available at the HA site is "HAGOLD" which uses strictly stock aircraft slots. The advantage here being the ability to use a vast variety of stock-based FM's (the planes' flying characteristics)and DM's (the damage parameters).

"ROTJ3" (v4 is on the way?)by "Baron von Helton" is the ultimate in on-going improvements to plane models, offering fully non-mirrored plane parts with all new DM and all new Objects. It also offers some new and exciting plane types to fly. Requires Gabi's ReLoad program to use front guns on Recons you can fly.

"WFP2" with 100 planes (at least)available to fly! Originally uses CM11 for Date-based switching of planes over time, now can also use Gabi's ReLoad utility to achieve the same results without leaving the game to switch dates. Link above.

Some other sources:
More GLIDE info: http://redbaronplayers.net/install1.htm
ROTJ III pics gallery:
http://img146.imageshack.us/gal.php?c=42fe71b3b7aba1ef95eb710419e8e50a&g=pup16a7ne.jpg Other ROTJ screenies:
Dege's dgVoodoo site: http://www.freeweb.hu/dege/index.html
GLIDOS: http://www.glidos.net/
Sounds List: http://home.golden.net/~ksharman/rb/Sounds.html
RB3D Manual: under "Documents": http://www.wings-of-valor.net/
FRAPS screenshot & AVI utility: http://www.fraps.com/
RB3D Patch Primer:
Another Multiple Install Guide:

This is the CM11 Start War early procedure for HASP and ROTJ3 (very similar if not identical to WFP procedure):

Use CM11's "SET GAME DATE" function to set the game date as early as Aug 01,'15 (ignore any "Out of RB range", or whatever warnings - you may have to click the "OK" two times (not double-click).
Then in RB, start a Campaign early as RB normally allows. Available Squadrons (HASP) for changing to Aug 01,'15 are:
Esc's - 3, 15, 26, 49, 67.
Brit's - No 1, No 24 and Naval No 1.
Jasta's - 10, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16b, 2, 4, 5, 6, 7, Fld Abt 6.
Start a mission and END it before taking off.
Leave game (or Task-out(Alt-TAB)from RB's MAIN MENU).
Open CM11.
Click on "Campaigns".
Click on the Pilot Record of your choice.
Click OPEN.
Place cursor on "CHANGE DATE". A box will appear which gives the earliest available starting date for that Sqaudron.
Click on "CHANGE DATE".
Change the date.
Your in-game Campaign date is now re-set.
Start a mission and END before Take-off. Your next mission is updated for date and plane type(s).
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Re: RBII/3D install procedures w/sources - 12/29/04 04:05 PM

Originally posted by Skiddmark:
RULE #1: Run RB at a different resolution than what your Desktop is set to.
Great install primer skid, but why run the game and desktop at different resolutions?
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Re: RBII/3D install procedures w/sources - 12/30/04 02:01 AM

You only need to do that if you have DtD (Drop to Desktop) problems, if no problem then run at same res if you like, I run both @ 1600x1200.
Posted By: Skiddmark

Re: RBII/3D install procedures w/sources - 12/30/04 03:43 AM

Posted By: Polovski

Re: RBII/3D install procedures w/sources - 12/31/04 10:56 AM

That's a great guide Skidmark, thanks for posting it.
Posted By: Skiddmark

Re: RBII/3D install procedures w/sources - 01/21/05 02:38 PM

Bump \:\)
Posted By: *ลล*Bad0gre

Re: RBII/3D install procedures w/sources - 01/21/05 10:50 PM

Very nice job Skidd!

This thread should have a sticky and left at the top of the forum for all those new to RB.
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Re: RBII/3D install procedures w/sources - 03/07/05 04:06 AM

Originally posted by Skiddmark:
Bump \:\)
Posted By: PipsPriller

Re: RBII/3D install procedures w/sources - 10/07/06 07:57 AM

I want to do a seperate install of RB3D to cater for ROTJ. But am a little unclear in setting up an alternate folder.

Anyoen care to explain how it's done? ta. \:\)
Posted By: WilliVonBill

Re: RBII/3D install procedures w/sources - 10/07/06 01:28 PM

Actually pretty easy, Pips. Just make a copy of your RB3D folder within your Sierra main folder. For example, I have several dedicated installs for different UOPs. I actually have 4 RedBaron3D folders within my Sierra main folder... HASP_RedBaron3D, WFP_RedBaron3D, ROTJ_RedBaron3D, and Original_RedBaron3D. To use a specific UOP, you just rename the dedicated RB3D folder to RedBaron3D and you're in business. So if you were in the mood to play ROTJ, just rename ROTJ_RB3D to regular old RedBaron3D and viola! Tired of ROTJ and feel like flying WFP for a bit? Rename the folder ROTJ_RB3D and then rename your WFP_RB3D folder to good old RedBaron3D and off ya go.

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Re: RBII/3D install procedures w/sources - 10/08/06 02:33 AM

Ahh, thanks Willi. That's where I was going wrong. I had tried renaming the RB folders to eg ROTJ_RB, WFP_RB etc, but didn't realise that I had to rename them back to RB to get the game to work. So if I have made desktop shortcuts for the different install's, do I have to rename then too when making a selection?

Btw are you experienceing any probs with Greybeards fix of the Se.5 in WFP? I've been getting odd game behaviour since I loaded it via CM, so have taken it back out.
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Re: RBII/3D install procedures w/sources - 05/24/07 06:55 AM

Can the RELOAD utility be used with Hell's Angels SuperPatch? I'd love to get the option of engine failure and hard jams \:\)

Posted By: Laser

Re: RBII/3D install procedures w/sources - 05/24/07 12:50 PM

Hi -JJH-, yes you can use ReLoad with HASP; at least i can \:\)

Posted By: LE Heureux

Re: RBII/3D install procedures w/sources - 06/28/07 01:09 PM

The SimHq threads inspired me to follow some of the links above to grab the latest patches, and give them a whirl. I now have a great SP set-up and plan to start a real campaign tonight in Esc N3. Thanks very much for the helpful posts here at SimHq, the place I recommend my newbie frioends stop for starters.

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Re: RBII/3D install procedures w/sources - 08/05/08 10:16 PM

I still get the random crashes as well. Luckily they are few and far inbetween.
Posted By: RAF_Gromet

Re: RBII/3D install procedures w/sources - 08/05/08 10:23 PM

ENB DX9 dll seems too have cured my crashes on exiting a server, joystick caused some more logitech profiler doesnt like it. But I cured that by enabling ENB before I do anyhing else. Now i can exit too Gold room without fear of crashing an creating a ghost of me in any server. Single player wise i have a bunch of diffrent installs for diffrent patch sets. FCJ, WF2, HA and a special HA MMP install which while I cannot use this offline its got all my gunsights ect.
All use same video profiles with Dgvoodoo and ENB. On top of that it looks great. Even my Free track works the Trackir which is excellent:)
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Re: RBII/3D install procedures w/sources - 08/05/08 11:01 PM

 Originally Posted By: Commacazi
I just re-installed this game after many years just to try it out again with new textures etc. and have been attempting to use the Track Ir mod to no avail, I've seen video of it working but I'm having no luck, anyone using it? Also I'm getting random crashes "RB2 is having a problem and needs to close..."
Other than that the Hell's Angels Mod looks great and except for just a few minor things it looks pretty good for an old sim.

To make the TrackIR recognize Red Baron 3D as supported game, you will have to go to the 'Update' menu in the TrackIR software, and hit the 'Check for Game Updates...' option, then restart the program as required.

Re the crashes, if you use a glide wrapper, try another version. Try also changing the terrain files. Don't ask me why, it works. Delete any 'debrief.dat' files left in main RB dir (after a crash), they can cause another crashes.

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Re: RBII/3D install procedures w/sources - 08/08/08 11:06 PM

I found the installation procedure outlined at Virtual Aces resulted in a good install of Red Baron 3D with the menus in English, not German. My attempts using instructions on this forum resulted in a working copy, but the menus were still in German. The main thing is there is one additional step where you apply the Red Baron II/3D patch after the super patch. That updates graphics and the like so it is fully converted to English.
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Re: RBII/3D install procedures w/sources - 10/28/08 11:52 PM

Good find, arjisme, I added it to the post.
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Re: RBII/3D install procedures w/sources - 08/01/09 07:18 PM

Install guide http://www.flybert.net/howto.html
Turn RBII into 100% RB3D CD version, works for SP too
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