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Posted By: dutch

active RB forum - 04/21/12 06:04 AM

Seems it is only a matter of time before this RB section is vanished away to the global WW1 section, like First-Eagles. Once very crowded WoV is gone to dessert level and even at Delphi the activity is reduced to nearly zero, but still to keep informed about this game, is there any forum that is still active on the RB front.
Posted By: Wailwulf

Re: active RB forum - 04/28/12 07:28 AM

WoV actually no more, doesn't even exist. The site started to completely revamp which wiped out all the archives and made folk have to registrar all over again. I guess they just didn't want to go through the trouble again.
Posted By: dutch

Re: active RB forum - 04/28/12 02:22 PM

Yep I know, did warn them if not going to create a OFF and RoF section the whole WoV scene would vanish.
Still would like to know if that plans of Madotter did made some real developments on RB3d!!!
Posted By: Force10

Re: active RB forum - 06/27/12 06:06 PM

I really hope they keep this forum up. I go back to RB3d often and this is a good spot to start finding what you need.
Posted By: PipsPriller

Re: active RB forum - 06/27/12 10:45 PM

Your right Force 10. It's about the only RB forum left (reasonably) active on the Web.
Posted By: Chef

Re: active RB forum - 06/29/12 12:00 PM

SWWISA is still somewhat "active".
Posted By: ArgonV

Re: active RB forum - 06/29/12 12:59 PM

I miss the WOV days...
Posted By: Chef

Re: active RB forum - 06/29/12 06:30 PM

I agree with that to an extent. WoV discussed a lot of tournaments which seems to be missing right now in RoF but hopefully that will change in the future. However, towards the "End" I thought WoV had devolved into a mud slinging pit. Once the FM tools had gotten out into the general public of RB3D that killed the MMP aspect because of the suspicion of cheating. Whether it happened or not I really don't know or at this point care but Lord knows I DO NOT want 777 to ever allow access to their FM tools. I don't miss those days. It was like watching a friend or family member die from a long illness.
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