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Posted By: CamaroDMD

Medals and Promotions - 07/06/11 12:30 AM

So, I have been a huge fan of RB3D since it came out. I recently started playing it again on my Windows 7 machine...and I so far have been living with the fact that it wasn't designed for this OS. I need to play with it a bit and make it run better...but for now I am living with it.

What I love about the game is the campaign mode. But, it always seems like I can never reach the higher promotions or get some medals. For example, I seem to never be able to get the House Order of Hohenzollern when playing with the Germans. No matter what rank I begin the campaign with...I tend to get the two Iron Cross medals and then sometimes get the Blue Max (not always) and then once I reach 80 kills I get the Red Eagle Order and a while later the Blue Max with Oak Leaf. I think I have gotten the House Order of Hohenzollern once or twice in a decade of play. That medal is incredible elusive for me and the Blue Max w/o oak leaf is also hard to come by. Are there certain triggers for the medals or how does it work? I also have had problems with some allied decorations but not as much.

Also, I never seem to earn many promotions. I like to start out as early as possible for a given nation at the lowest rank and try and work my way up. Typically, I will get promoted about 2 months in and often never again.

I assume it is based partially on points. I do like to play with easier settings because I like to shoot down a bunch of planes. I know it's not authentic...but I enjoy it. For instance...I am currently playing with the British and I stated as a 2LT on 3/1/1916. I am currently a 1LT around 9/1/1916 and I have like 115 kills. I know it's not realistic...but it's fun.

I guess what I am wondering is...are there any tricks to winning some of the more elusive awards or am I just crazy and nobody else is having this problem? Better yet...is it possible to edit the requirements for medals and promotions?
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Re: Medals and Promotions - 07/06/11 03:05 AM

I play German and have earned Iron Cross 2nd Class and 1st Class and only once the Blue Max and that was when I had gotten 80 kills. Can not remember ever being promoted by the game, but have done so to my self by hex editing the campaign files.

Though for the last two years I assign my self as Hauptman just to be able to tweak the missions for all flights. Balloon defense always needs to be set lower then the game and CAP always needs to be set higher for the bombers coming in.

What are some of the problems you are having with Win7? Some have known fixes.
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Re: Medals and Promotions - 07/06/11 03:28 AM

My main problem has been slow down and speed up. It hasn't made the game unplayable...but it is annoying. I haven't made any changes to the game. I know there are some GL emmuators that are supposed to help...but I haven't used them, I don't really know how.

Do you know if it is possible to set the criteria for medals and promotions? If there is some file that can be edited?
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Re: Medals and Promotions - 07/06/11 08:01 PM

Slow down and speed up as in the planes fly very fast and are very sensitive to handle? and then like when your facing the sun it slows down and the controls don't feel overly sensitive?

This happens when the FPS gets too high (I know, there are those that boast they get 150+ FPS with this game, but everytime I start to get in the 90's, especialy 120+ I tear the wings of with a twitch on the JS).

Using Gide helps as it makes the game use more resources, which helps slow it down, and therefore makes the controls less sensitive. Then adding modded Terrain like Promise Land 2 helps knock a few more FPS off and makes the game that much more prettier.

For Glide Wrappers, you can do a Google search for "Glide Wrappers" or use the ones I have uploaded on my Skydrive:

The one I am currently using and like is the one called CJglide2x_02 which is a single dll file that one puts in the game folder. But there are a number of other Glide Wrappers hosted there as different computers seem to like different wrappers.

My current machine, Win7, before I started using the CJwrapper, only liked DGVoodoo 1.4, where most seemed to prefer DGVoodoo 1.5. On my old XP machine, it was the OpenGlide one that worked best for me.

For the Promise Land Terrain, the best place to go is here:

I prefer PL2 over PL1, but that is because I am one of the ones whose Win7 computer crashes the game when exiting the mission with PL1 graphics. Seems to have something to do with the custom color palettes, though there are those that have no problems with PL1.

Sorry, do not know how to edit the criteria for promotions or awards. But if you wish to do so manually (Hex Edit) These archived pages of Sygrod's site are extremely helpful:
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Re: Medals and Promotions - 08/03/11 07:00 AM

there was a program that would handle the medal bug


campaign manager by von Tom

I don't know if it will work with win7


---oops saw that cm11 doesn't work under 64bit...

Posted By: Force10

Re: Medals and Promotions - 08/13/11 03:33 AM

For the speed problem, turn on vsync and that cures it. It can be done in the dgvoodoo control panel
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