How do I "unwindow" Red Baron 3d?

Posted By: Stefnuts

How do I "unwindow" Red Baron 3d? - 04/18/11 10:14 PM

Hi all,

I used the - windowed command to get the game running in a window and then removed the command
but the game still windows!

Does anyone know how to undo this junk?


Reinstalled Redbaron 3d from scratch.
Posted By: Zero Niner

Re: How do I "unwindow" Red Baron 3d? - 04/20/11 11:44 AM

So did the reinstall solve the issue?
Posted By: Flybert

Re: How do I "unwindow" Red Baron 3d? - 05/05/11 05:31 AM

Preferences button > uncheck "Windowed" mode .. but that's only for Direct Draw graphics

If you get a Glide Emulator, or have Win9.x/Win2000 PIII and a Voodoo Card .. Glide mode only runs in full screen
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