Red Baron II music

Posted By: Josh Echo

Red Baron II music - 01/15/11 08:46 AM

I've been looking for information about whoever composed the music for Red Baron II. Wikipedia and Mobygames say nothing about it. However, one website (http://www.answers.com/topic/red-baron-3d) said that the music was by a Chuck Barth. A Google search for "Chuck Barth music" then turned up this guy: http://www.linkedin.com/pub/chuck-barth/7/508/561
And he lists Red Baron in his credits. So at least I now know who composed the music. But I wonder why he is a non-person on Mobygames and the Wikipedia article about Red Baron II.
Posted By: Toadvine

Re: Red Baron II music - 01/16/11 06:37 PM

I love the music in RB3D. I always thought it was a collection old military marching songs, nothing written by anyone alive when Red Baron was in production. I always wondered where the band came from that played the music, I have never seen any credits for them.
Posted By: Josh Echo

Re: Red Baron II music - 01/18/11 03:10 AM

I don't remember it well enough to say for sure, but it might have been done with software and expensive samples, like Jeremy Soule's music for Wings of Prey. It can be very hard to tell high-quality samples from an actual orchestra.
Posted By: Flybert

Re: Red Baron II music - 04/25/11 02:11 AM

It's somewhat similar to the (marching) theme song from the movie The Great Escape
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