OpenGlide 0.08 INI file

Posted By: Greybeard

OpenGlide 0.08 INI file - 12/05/10 11:46 AM

Just posted at my site:


It gave me some improvement in framerate on my system (AMD Athlon 64 2GB RAM - Nvidia 9400 GT 1GB).

Sun glare still gives some stuttering, but you may turn it off in RB preferences (I left it on because I can't live without it, lol).

Of course, you need Glide2x.dll fron OpenGlide Wrapper 0.08. If you do not have it yet: you may find it at von Oben's site, RB3D Misc Files:


In respect to INI included in this one, I increased only Texture Memory to 256 MB, Wrapper Priority to 2 and reduced Monitor Frquency to 60 Hz, since on my LCD can't notice any flickering at so low value, while higher ones (like 75) should for sure require some more resource.

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Re: OpenGlide 0.08 INI file - 03/31/11 12:30 AM


Can someone help me with my RB 3d install please?

I do have the Promised Land superpatch on disc and my game will not run
the intro movie or the Intelligence data movies at all.

I also have a strange psychedelic color shift when the intro screen (With preferences and such on it)
first comes up.

My rig: Win 7 64
Nvidia 260 Overclocked w/most recent drivers

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