A Fight

Posted By: Laser

A Fight - 06/27/07 09:25 PM

A fight in Red Baron 3D (Von Helton's Revenge of the Jastas III Beta 11 patch). Not a great fight, but fun (this is what it happens when you suddenly change to a FM with fast roll rate).

Maybe for those that do not play [anymore]? \:\)


Posted By: Birdbrain

Re: A Fight - 06/28/07 02:21 AM

For those who do, too! I feel like I've already flown my mission for the evening! Brave man, flying Allied in ROTJ.
Posted By: Laser

Re: A Fight - 06/29/07 08:26 AM

\:\) Glad you liked it!

Posted By: DrStrangePool

Re: A Fight - 06/30/07 09:25 PM

Nice video and nice dogfight! I miss the days when I used to fly my Nieuport :P hahahaha
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