A-10 ALT TAB weirdness and Freezing

Posted By: bones

A-10 ALT TAB weirdness and Freezing - 12/23/17 12:11 PM

So if I alt-tab out of the A-10 for any reason, then come back, it seems to lose the keyboard in such a way that it will recognize some of my keyboard commands yet others it won't. After about 3 minutes, it will start to see keyboard commands normally. Anyone have this issue?

Also I was playing the Jackal campaign and apparently after about 3 minutes into the game during startup, it freezes up and says that DCS World has stopped working. Trying again and again it always crashe at the same time interval. Anyone know anything about this?


Posted By: Slippery_Rat

Re: A-10 ALT TAB weirdness and Freezing - 01/10/18 07:33 AM

Alt-tab means you are accessing another window, which in turn means the computer must juggle memory for the application with focus. Seems like a memory management issue, depending on what you are doing in the other window and how much memory required. DCS very memory intensive doesnt play well with others, unless maybe you have high end box with lots of memory. Windows not a static environment, updates and patches usually slowly degrading performance over time.
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