Helios use of "Send Keys" to Control DCS (cockpit design)

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Helios use of "Send Keys" to Control DCS (cockpit design) - 11/17/16 08:53 PM

One technique used by Helios to interact with DCS World is through the use of "Send Keys", essentially this means that all the Keyboard bindings can be used by Helios to change parameters in DCS World just as if you pressed the keys combinations in DCS World.

See below for a list of key combinations that can be used with "Send Keys"

Note: DCS World will make a local "web page" copy of all these commands by clicking the "Make HTML" button.

Below is a profile containing one panel, containing a rotary encoder.

Below the panel alone with the Rotary Encoder selected in layers

Note bindings added while on the properties tab.

Bindings are made by dragging the "send keys" and dropping on "encoder incremented" or "decremented" followed by entering the appropriate values.
Note the value source is Static

One saved this Helios profile is capable of dimming the back panel lights of....ooops Ka50.

Keys which will be sent to the foreground applications.

Below are some brief instructions for using Action Values in Helios

Action Values

Whitespace separates key combos allowing multiple keystroke commands to be sent. "{LCONTROL}c" will hold down the left control and press c while "{LCONTROL} c" will press and release left control and then press and release the c.

Special keys can be sent by using there names in brackets, ex:
{BACKSPACE}, {CLEAR}, {PAUSE}, {TAB}, {RETURN}, {RSHIFT}, {LSHIFT}, {L&RCONTROL}, {L&RALT}, {NUMPAD0-9}, {F1-F24}, {UP}, {DOWN}, {END}, {HOME} many more.

The some of images used in this tutorial were borrowed from Capt Zeen's profile, one must respect the effort he has put into his well designed profiles, I recommend support both Helios Gadroc and Capt Zeen for their contributions to our passion.

More tutorials here:

Below are some Helios tutorials using both DCS Warthog, BlackShark and BMS Falcon as examples:

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Helios use of "Send Keys" to Control DCS (cockpit design)


These tutorials use Capt_Zeen's, Ice's Profiles.
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Re: Helios use of "Send Keys" to Control DCS - 11/18/16 11:05 AM

Obviously remapping key commands in DCS World, may cause Helios interactivity to fail unless the "Send Keys" are updated in Helios too!

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Re: Helios use of "Send Keys" to Control DCS - 11/18/16 02:27 PM

Another tutorial using send keys bindings to "Active Pause" and Hide Helios Control Panel here
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Re: Helios use of "Send Keys" to Control DCS - 04/25/17 05:45 PM

I don't know if you fly DCS A10-c, but if you do, then you probalbly use Loz's Helios profile. If so, you should be aware that the Tacan panel no longer works in Loz as the code for the Tacan panel was recently changes. See below:

[FSF]Ian 04-24-2017 04:14 AM
In DCS, the implementation details of the TACAN panel in the A-10C were changed. Here's the commit that fixed it in DCS-BIOS (the diff shows what values changed):
https://github.com/dcs-bios/dcs-bios...938b0fcaf29078 The TACAN controls now have their own device ID and different button numbers than before.

The above has to do with DCS Bios, which I do not use. I have managed to apply new keyboard presses to the new Tacan controls, but when I tried to incorporate them in Loz's profile, they didn't work-my knowledge of Helios is very limited. I tried to follow your examples above, but no joy . If you would like to work on this project with me, let me know.
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