Historical Markings & TF Mod

Posted By: Sluggish Controls

Historical Markings & TF Mod - 06/02/15 06:33 AM

Howdy All,

A year or so ago a small utility was made available to us all allowing historical markings to magically appear on Luftwaffe birds.
Does anyone know if it still works with the most updated TF Mod ?

I'm again enjoying CloD and want to ensure I don't mess up my install, and aiming at a rudder with the hakenkreuz always had an extra "feel-good" about it !

Posted By: ATAG_Bliss

Re: Historical Markings & TF Mod - 06/02/15 07:48 AM

You betcha smile

See here: http://theairtacticalassaultgroup.com/forum/showthread.php?t=9369
Posted By: Sluggish Controls

Re: Historical Markings & TF Mod - 06/02/15 08:00 AM

Thx Bliss for the quick answer and link !
Exactly the answer I was hoping for.

Nearly forgot. Will this little miracle also work on Desatersoft campaigns, or needs of serious tweaking ?

Posted By: BlueHeron

Re: Historical Markings & TF Mod - 06/02/15 02:53 PM

Yes, it seems to work no matter how you play. Strange how such a small omission as markings can be an immersion killer, but it really is.
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