Slow FPS

Posted By: jerryboy

Slow FPS - 06/01/15 04:11 PM

Hi, downloaded Fraps and tried it, in a quick mission I get 60FPS, in a Malta mission I get 30FPS some of the time, 15 to 20 in a dogfight and 3 to 4 FPS if I use the time compression. I've got a Core 2 quad 9560 3ghz and a GTX660TI, plus 8G ram. Most settings in the game are on medium. Any ideas?
Posted By: RedToo

Re: Slow FPS - 06/01/15 09:22 PM

Hi Jerryboy,

Do you have the Team Fusion mods installed? They improve frame rates amongst other things. Link to how to install in this thread:


Posted By: Philstyle

Re: Slow FPS - 08/18/15 07:36 AM


Shadowplay from Nvidia is much more FPR friendly thatn Fraps for this game.
Plus, also what Redtoo said, get the TF patches. Massive overall improvements to game efficiency.
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