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Posted By: Desode

Advice on Settings - 04/25/14 06:58 PM

Hello fellow members, After the Wonderful review of the TF 4.31 mod from Heinkill !
I have taken the time to redownload Clod and patch it up to date with the TF mod 4.312

My Question is what should I run this thing at settings wise ?
Here are my System Specs.
Cpu Amd 8350 (8 core) 4.2 ghz
8 gigs of ram
SSD hard Drive
GPU EVGA GTX 660 Super Overclocked 2 gb version
Win 7 Ultimate 64 bit
Monitor is a 50 inch HDTV at 1280 by 720, so that is my max rez at 60 hz.

I was just wondering if anyone has a similar build and what settings you are running ?
And how is the Game running with similar builds ?
Should I try to run it maxed out or not ?
Also Does FXAA run on its own or do I need to somehow turn it on ??
What is this Sweet FX Im always hearing about ? does it have performance advantages ?

Thanks for any replies, I work 60 hour weeks so I don't have much time to figure out settings myself or I would not bother you all for advice.

Sincerely Desode
Posted By: SlipBall

Re: Advice on Settings - 04/25/14 09:22 PM

I actually work 60 hours a week too!!...glad I'm not alone
Posted By: Tarnsman

Re: Advice on Settings - 05/07/14 01:34 AM

You should be fine with med to high settings and the Team Fusion Mod.
I have a 1gb card and run comfortably at med settings and the game looks fantastic. I understand from the ATAG forum that the game runs best with 2gb of video ram so you should be OK at high settings.
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