UPDATE 7 OCT 2011 Aircraft Operations Checklists

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UPDATE 7 OCT 2011 Aircraft Operations Checklists - 07/16/11 01:44 AM

The "official" Aircraft Operations Checklist is linked below. My intention is to provide a companion to the COD Manual that came with the sim. In my opinion, that manual did not include near enough information on the various types of aircraft and how to operate them effectively. I also found the information on ammunition and the various bombs and fuses to be a little on the weak side. These checklists are my attempt to remedy some of that.

The checklists and other included data are based on historical documents and manuals, and therefore may not be optimized for in game use. However, they are better than pure trial and error. Please give them a try.

My plan is to provide updates whenever significant new material is added to the sim. This includes new plane types, additional weapons or ammo, or significant changes to FM or in game operating procedures. I encourage you to provide criticism and to identify any error you find. I will collect all comments and will make appropriate changes as I post new updates. I have the MS Excel file that the checklists were published from but I'm not posting it at this time. If you wish to have the Excel file, please PM me or comment in thread. If there is interest, I will post the file later.

Please feel free to post on other websites or forums. There is some copyrighted material in the file, so please, do not attempt to sale or use for any financial gain. Thanks and I hope you enjoy the checklist.

COD 2GvSAP Aircraft Operations Checklist

Oh, if you appreciate the checklist and see me flying online, show some love and don't shoot me down. biggrin

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***************************** UPDATE 7 OCT 2011 ********************************

Here is an updated Aircraft Operations Checklist. I have tried to incorporate the suggestions and corrections I have received from this and other forums. I am posting the pdf and the excel file this time around.

Changes from last posting include:
- Dividing the document into sections by Air Force
- Included ICAO Standards for temperature and atmospheric pressure
- Added information on propellers and mixture in Cliffs of Dover
- Added information on the Luftwaffe Weapons Control Boxes
- Combined Hurricane and Spitfire 87 and 100 Octane settings into a single page
- Added pages on the Tiger Moth, Bf 109E-4, and He 111 (H and P variants)

Unfortunately, I have not added the detailed procedures for the Luftwaffe types (excepting the 109 variants). My excuses are trouble translating the source documents, much more complex procedures for the larger types, fidelity of modeled systems in relation to historic procedures, and looking toward the future.

In my work to date, the model differs most from the historical in terms of the Zünderschaltkasten, Abwurfschaltkasten, and the Luftwaffe fuse operation. I have tried to show how these items work "in game" but I'm not really satisfied with it. My work with the ZSK and ASK demonstrates the problems I was having with the more complex procedures of the larger types. I wanted to provide the limits, conditions and procedures for the aircraft based on historical documents, not get involved in assessing the accuracy of the modeled systems or performance to reality or writing the "best" procedures for Cliffs of Dover gameplay. There are many excellent videos demonstrating aircraft start up and other "how to" videos will continue to be produced.

I will continue to update this document based on suggestions or corrections. I will also try to provide "blue" pages for every type made flyable in Cliffs of Dover and its follow on. So please keep the comments coming.

Aircraft Operations Checklist

The pdf and MS Excel file at posted at Airwarfare: Storm of War: Updated Aircraft Operations Checklists
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Re: Aircraft Operations Checklists - 07/16/11 02:14 AM

Now that right there is *hugely* useful. Thank you very much for your efforts.

edit: And I should add: very well written and organized, entertaining to read even.
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Re: Aircraft Operations Checklists - 07/16/11 03:27 PM

Thanks very much!
Posted By: Bando

Re: Aircraft Operations Checklists - 07/17/11 01:12 AM

Amazing stuff. yep

Thanks a LOT

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Re: Aircraft Operations Checklists - 07/18/11 10:04 PM

These are great - and I'd like to thank Flea for so much effort (plus apologize again for not helping as much as I wanted).

I think the only thing new pilots may lack is what to do with the mixture and (very important on Complex Engine Management settings) the prop pitch per aircraft.

CoD seems very sensitive to over-revs so far, so a table describing prop pitch (where available) per aircraft per flight 'stage' might be helpful? Anyone up for that?

It might just be me and my bad engine management though smile
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Re: Aircraft Operations Checklists - 07/23/11 12:18 AM

Wow. Well done & thank you. This will definately come in very handy.
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Re: Aircraft Operations Checklists - 07/24/11 04:38 PM

Excellent stuff Flea! Thanks so much for compiling and sharing this with us all mate!! S!
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Re: Aircraft Operations Checklists - 07/26/11 06:00 PM

Very glad to see this 'stuck' somewhere!
Great info, thanks biggrin
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Re: Aircraft Operations Checklists - 08/06/11 02:17 PM

I'd like to say thank you also ..... cowboy
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Re: UPDATE 7 OCT 2011 Aircraft Operations Checklists - 10/09/11 09:26 PM

I have finally posted an updated version of the checklist at the original post. Please provide comments and suggestions so the next revision will be worth the electrons it's written with.
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Re: UPDATE 7 OCT 2011 Aircraft Operations Checklists - 10/09/11 10:26 PM

Good work mate!
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Re: UPDATE 7 OCT 2011 Aircraft Operations Checklists - 10/10/11 12:38 AM

Thank you!
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Re: UPDATE 7 OCT 2011 Aircraft Operations Checklists - 10/21/11 02:42 PM

This is awesome, MUCH better than the manual thank you.
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Re: UPDATE 7 OCT 2011 Aircraft Operations Checklists - 10/23/11 12:31 AM

Can someone explain to me what the numbers mean in "Lethal range centered on convergence" Thank you
Posted By: FearlessFrog

Re: UPDATE 7 OCT 2011 Aircraft Operations Checklists - 10/23/11 12:44 AM

Originally Posted By: catar
Can someone explain to me what the numbers mean in "Lethal range centered on convergence" Thank you

I'll have a go, although I am no expert - hopefully an expert will be along in a minute smile

I guess it's the lethal range of being able to bring down the target given that you have ideal convergence and targeting, i.e. if the lethal range is 400 yards, and you have your guns set to converge at 400 yards for a 30-feet wingspan target and you get the sight exactly right over the target (with the wing tips of a 30ft aircraft between the lines) then that's ideal. They die.

There was an old post here that went through setting up the sight here:

I'm not sure if in the latest patch the wingspan needs to be from the center to the dot or just straight across though?
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Re: UPDATE 7 OCT 2011 Aircraft Operations Checklists - 10/23/11 06:29 PM

Let's see. Lethal range is a Fleaism. But it builds on the basic idea of convergence. If you set a convergence of 160m, then the bullets of all guns will impact at a single point in space at 160m (ignoring dispersion, shake, vibration, differences in powder load, etc). So, moving from own plane to target to infinity, the rounds angle in toward the convergence point, meet, then angle out to infinity.

Please refer to the diagram on the Sight Data page and the Spitfire data in the checklists.

The Fleaism of "lethal range" deals with these cones/angles. Assuming that a fighter's cockpit (or engine nacelle) is .8m wide, there will be a point both before and beyond the target where the cone of fire is narrower than the width of the cockpit, but not yet that single point in space. So if you set convergence at 160m, your bullets will be .8m apart at 137m, single point at 160m, and .8m apart at 183m. What does this mean?

If you are dead astern of your target, with a convergence of 160m, and aim dead center, you should have hits on target at a range of 137m - 183m. If your target is closer than 137m, or further away than 183m, then your bullets will pass harmlessly to either side of him.

Now this is based on geometry and does not account for dispersion, vibration, slip stream effects, etc. But it lets me know if I set convergence at 160m, and I fire dead astern at a target 100m or 220m away, I will most likely miss. Does this help?
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Re: UPDATE 7 OCT 2011 Aircraft Operations Checklists - 10/24/11 09:32 AM

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Re: UPDATE 7 OCT 2011 Aircraft Operations Checklists - 10/20/12 10:14 PM

I had lost this awesome guide and found it here again. Thanks again! This should be included with them game!

EDIT: This should be stickied!
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Re: UPDATE 7 OCT 2011 Aircraft Operations Checklists - 12/06/12 03:54 PM

Many thanks, very helpful.
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Re: UPDATE 7 OCT 2011 Aircraft Operations Checklists - 12/05/17 12:33 AM

Are there new links for this thread as all seem to be dead??
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Re: UPDATE 7 OCT 2011 Aircraft Operations Checklists - 12/05/17 01:50 AM

The guy that start this work loose interest in CloD due their "endless" bugs and give up.

Anyway this engines settings is now outdated with TFS patches changes. Look at ATAG forum actual, that probable will change again with Patch(fix) 4.50 to be released 'soon'™.


And CLoD engines don't require checklist - their "Complex Engine Start Procedure" is fake - can be resumed in just: Open Fuel Cock, press de "magic" 'I' key. rolleyes

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