Questions About 5.0

Posted By: BadBud

Questions About 5.0 - 01/12/20 05:03 PM

I am hoping that 5.0 version does require any more PC power than CoD Blitz 4.57.3 version which runs just fine on my old PC. Any info to share on this subject? Also, any speculation on cost of 5.0?
Posted By: ATAG_Pattle

Re: Questions About 5.0 - 01/13/20 06:34 AM

Hi BadBud,

As the sim is still in WIP, the base settings have not been determined as yet. We are doing everything possible to make it was accessible to as many players as possible. Costing is yet to be confirmed.


Posted By: SlipBall

Re: Questions About 5.0 - 01/23/20 09:13 AM

i think this is the wrong thinking and direction
its wrong to alter very far from Oleg's vision and dream
I fly the original release with no issues other than lower frame rates than desired
but if I save my pennies I can re power some day
Posted By: BadBud

Re: Questions About 5.0 - 01/23/20 04:42 PM

Meant to say 5.0 version does NOT require any more PC power................
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