HOTAS Cougar replacement gimbal

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HOTAS Cougar replacement gimbal - 11/03/17 01:20 PM

Debolestis gimbal for use bearings, 3D printed "kit" by Shapeways for DIY assembly - explained in the topic.

This gimbal basic mechanics is similar to famous CubPilot UberNXT - no longer produced.

[Linked Image]


The gimbal is optimized for use GVL224 "MagRES" contacless sensor PCB (~$10 - sales topic there), that work in analog mode and allow use Cougar default PCB controller, but can use TLE5010/11 contactless sensors in digital mode (assembled PCB available in Aliexpress) through Arduino/Teensy + MMjoy2 firmware, or use DIY ordinary HALL sensor assembly, template for fixation points in the topic.

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Re: HOTAS Cougar replacement gimbal - 11/03/17 05:15 PM

This is the MK II version of his 'poor man's Uber gimbals'. This version is much better, reinforced in the areas the springs mount to handle the loads better. Not sure why he used Bodnar board unless he didn't have the stock TM one, because TARGET capable hardware is still highly preferable over those without and it would have supported these sensors the same way though I'd probably just use Alegro Halls there and save $16.

Overall this is a great option for those with blown out Cougars though, and a fraction of the cost of the Uber and the kinematics would be indistinguishable in a blind test. Good work debolestis!
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Re: HOTAS Cougar replacement gimbal - 11/03/17 06:03 PM

He are not using Bodnar board, but low cost Arduino PRO Micro + MMJoy2 firmware, because this Cougar has their PCB electronics "bricked.

Anyway for most simmers keyboard emulation needs, free/shareware like Joy2Key, SVMapper, Joystick Gremlin... is enough, specially in DCSW with their customization of controls, profiles per plane and modifiers and switches (modes). smile
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Re: HOTAS Cougar replacement gimbal - 11/04/17 10:30 PM

Haha yeah, those are all very good reasons for not using the stock board and derp -it even says 'debolestis' right on it lol smile

That said, even with great native support on a game I still prefer to do it all through TARGET when possible. Even if there is no direct functionality to be gained (rarely is that true), if I ever have to reinstall the game, use a random client, dodge a controls wipe during a patch etc it's really nice to have that all separate from the game (kb emulation of default bindings etc) and I find it easier to keep track of my bindings and update them when needed.

While DCS has great native support, I use my cockpit and hardware in early access games and such (controls seem to be the LAST thing devs think is relevant for today's kbm crowd) as well as using controls for games that do not support them at all and TARGET has provided me the tools I need to compensate in those situations where others failed. For a single program seems more comprehensive than any of the alternatives that I know of, but is easy to use and still works great for basic stuff too. Joystick Gremlin was born out of such a need (Star Citizen pre-alpha controls shenanigans) but for non TARGET capable devices and so far seems as close as any other software gets as I understand it but I haven't tested it on thorny edge cases like to see if it can do absolute mouse emulation in MWO. Joy2Key is the only other mouse emulator I know of that works besides TARGET (tried a lot), however it lacks critical features like being able to fine tune gain in x and y or manipulate many other aspects of the axes so is not a viable substitute plus is messier to work with than TARGET.

For most people's needs especially in established flight sims though the complication requirements are admittedly light and most programs would suffice.
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Re: HOTAS Cougar replacement gimbal - 11/05/17 02:01 AM

Why I recommend GVL224 "MagREZ" analog sensor as replacement for Cougar ( joy and TQS), as suggest for Komaroff do a analog version of their digital sensor (used by Baur and Slaw) - need a kind of adapter for use this sensor in old controllers, hence people can replace in the pot for better/lasting component and continue use TARGET. But seems that most of Cougar owners prefer rely in that "so, so" and discontinued potentiometer as replacement, perhaps to be more a "PnP" solution. smile

But for people that can live without TARGET are options. wink


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Re: HOTAS Cougar replacement gimbal - 01/12/18 10:04 PM

Hey Sokol1 Where did you see that TLE5010 board on aliexpress? I can't seem to locate it?
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Re: HOTAS Cougar replacement gimbal - 01/12/18 10:36 PM

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Re: HOTAS Cougar replacement gimbal - 01/13/18 12:23 AM

Thanks. It says "item not available"
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Re: HOTAS Cougar replacement gimbal - 01/24/18 08:41 PM

How durable are these compared with IJ's NXT gimbals over a long period of time?
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Re: HOTAS Cougar replacement gimbal - 02/08/18 06:25 AM

Originally Posted by Ltfransky
Thanks. It says "item not available"

They are again now .....

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Re: HOTAS Cougar replacement gimbal - 02/08/18 02:54 PM

YoyCart have TLE5010 PCB announced:


And Taobao (seems PITA buy there).

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