Avionics Settings not saving

Posted By: heloguy

Avionics Settings not saving - 03/21/16 03:24 AM

As the title says, every time I start BMS (4.33) I have to re-assign my joystick axes for the avionics. The weird part is that everything under Flight Controls is fine. Anyone else having this issue?
Posted By: Frederf

Re: Avionics Settings not saving - 03/21/16 06:44 PM

You're plugging and unplugging joysticks or your PC is doing so on your behalf. You should find that if you start the game, set the axes, and immediately quit and restart that the axes are saved.
Posted By: - Ice

Re: Avionics Settings not saving - 03/21/16 07:55 PM

1. Avoid unplugging your peripherals.
2. Set your controls/axis assignments as desired. Save. Exit the game. Start the game up again. Verify that your settings are still there. Start up a mission to double-check. If all is well, exit the game.
3. Go to \Falcon BMS 4.33\User\Config and make axismapping.dat[ and joystick.cal read-only files.

That should "protect" your settings from being changed. However, if you want to change your settings, you will need to remove the "read-only" from the above files.
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