Real-time lessons for Falcon 4?

Posted By: metalsteve

Real-time lessons for Falcon 4? - 05/25/13 10:43 AM

I think the answer is probably 'no', but is there a way to get flying lessons in Falcon 4 where a live instructor is essentially 'with you' in the cockpit as you fly? They advertise this in A-10c. I've flown VERY simplistic sims in the 90's such as F-15 Strike Eagle 3 and I know the basics of flight, but just landing in Falcon is giving me a run for my money.
I'm running Falcon 4 on a Mac.
Posted By: Frederf

Re: Real-time lessons for Falcon 4? - 05/25/13 05:34 PM

BMS has tutorial scripts which are supposed to walk you through certain concepts but they are largely unfinished. F4 or AF don't even have those. It's follow along in the book style.

In terms of people? Not even that. No current sim outside of FSX has made ride along people instructors possible.
Posted By: - Ice

Re: Real-time lessons for Falcon 4? - 05/25/13 09:07 PM

Not for Falcon 4 BMS, I would think you'll have similar luck in the original Falcon 4.0 or Allied Force. The last two did have very good manuals though, so you can essentially pause the sim and read, do what you are instructed to do, and so on.
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