Port Forwarding

Posted By: hossa18

Port Forwarding - 04/25/19 02:13 AM

Haven't played online in 7 years. This was a little easier in Windows 7 I think. I can't see my friend's game and he can't see my game.

I logged on to the router and and found the pc and made pinholes for tcp ports and the udp port. Does this look right?

tcp 2300-2400
udp 47624

Posted By: Ssnake

Re: Port Forwarding - 04/25/19 07:08 AM

The question is, which version of Steel Beasts are you using?
Things have changed between version 3, and 4. With version 4.0 only port 2300 and 2400 (UDP) are needed.
Posted By: Rotareneg

Re: Port Forwarding - 04/25/19 01:01 PM

One correction there: Both ports should be UDP with SB 4, so 2300 UDP and 2400 UDP.

The client doesn't need any ports forwarded to connect, that should only be needed when hosting a session.
Posted By: hossa18

Re: Port Forwarding - 04/26/19 04:43 AM

I was way off.
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