Rising Sun on Vista

Posted By: navy81

Rising Sun on Vista - 11/01/11 01:41 PM

Been having a blast with YAP2 running on both XP and Vista these last 2 years. Even have taken some of the missions and placed them in SF2 - takes a lot of file manipulating, but that's ok while we wait for YAP3.

Back to Rising Sun!
Big question is I haven't planned to upgrade vista to Win7, and I'd like to get Rising Sun running under SF2. I read Tom Cofield's review, and couldn't really determine, since he based his review using Win7, whether RS would run well on the SF2 engine in Vista. My belief is that it will, but wanted to get it straight from the team before purchase. Can you provide guidance?

If I missed a post previously where this is discussed, please accept my aplogies in advance for spamming everyone.

Kind Regards,
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Re: Rising Sun on Vista - 11/01/11 03:52 PM

It will.

The terse response is due to the 20-hour day yesterday and, apparently, the failure of coffee to bring me around yet.

8 will find this and give you a real answer. I personally know he wasn't around YAP for more than 12 hours yesterday. Slacker.
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Re: Rising Sun on Vista - 11/01/11 04:53 PM

Thanks John.
Brevity works just fine.
Posted By: navy81

Re: Rising Sun on Vista - 11/01/11 04:55 PM

One more thing - thanks for all of the work you and the team are putting in to both RS and YAP3.
V/R, Deke
Posted By: 8 L.E.I.N.

Re: Rising Sun on Vista - 11/01/11 07:26 PM

Navy, check these threads. Yes it will. Just do a clean, separate install. I have no merged installs so I cannot comment.

If you want to hang on about two weeks, I'd say do an install similar to the forthcoming YAP3 setup.

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