FS: Logitech 940 (new)

Posted By: Swine08

FS: Logitech 940 (new) - 05/19/19 02:59 PM

Hey guys, I’m cleaning out the closet. I have a few items that I have purchased over the years that I never really used.

If anyone is interested in a Logitech 940 (it has the stick, throttle, and pedals)just send me a pm. It’s new in box. I’m asking $200 shipped in the US.
Posted By: VF9_Longbow

Re: FS: Logitech 940 (new) - 05/26/19 10:07 PM

No price?
Posted By: Swine08

Re: FS: Logitech 940 (new) - 06/03/19 03:46 PM

I’d do $200 including shipping to the United States.
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