Tropical 109s

Posted By: Medicineman

Tropical 109s - 05/20/12 12:02 PM

I have moved to the desert

Hope you like it, cheers:
Otto/Medicineman wink
Posted By: CA_Stary

Re: Tropical 109s - 05/20/12 12:25 PM

one of the best from you so far
(but I love desert 109s so I'm biased)
Posted By: Security_Device_Enclosed

Re: Tropical 109s - 05/20/12 12:26 PM

Fantastic smile
Posted By: Scoobe

Re: Tropical 109s - 05/20/12 10:57 PM

Super looking shot!

Posted By: wheelsup_cavu

Re: Tropical 109s - 05/21/12 02:15 AM

I like the desert schemes too. Cool looking shot.

Posted By: 2GvSAP_Mohawk

Re: Tropical 109s - 05/21/12 02:35 PM

Classic shot thumbsup
Posted By: bisher

Re: Tropical 109s - 05/21/12 02:36 PM

That's a gooder
Posted By: kilosierra

Re: Tropical 109s - 05/21/12 03:12 PM


I love desert camo on 109s
Posted By: Sluggish Controls

Re: Tropical 109s - 05/21/12 04:58 PM

Another keeper.

Posted By: Medicineman

Re: Tropical 109s - 05/22/12 03:40 PM

Thanks gents, glad you liked it.
Otto/Medicineman wink
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