Since installing SP1, if I try to fly a "less common" unit......Say, for example, Jasta 23b, I will see a discolored exit box.
This is the indicator that something is wrong! Your exit box (Escape key) should always be WHITE.

Further, I can be flying along, and suddenly the game will just DTD, seemingly for no reason. Usually, a combination of the escape box & wiggling the mouse will cause a DTD as well.

At first, I thought it was the addition of new slots to ROTJ, so I deleted my Sierra folder & did a fresh install, and found it did this in the stock game as well.

This activity seems to be completely random, and can strike at any moment......On takeoff, during flight, or upon landing, in any Jasta or squadron.

At this point, I'm not entirely sure there's anything the end-user can do to alieviate it.

I posted a "Bugg Fix" for ROTJ II, but I now know it wasn't nessesary. The file is still good to have though, since it *DOES* clean up some useless code within that file, and makes things more uniform.

Not sure about SE, but 95 & 98 have a nasty habit for chewing up the registry & drinking up all your User & Gui Resources.

I reccomend Windows-ME instead.