Salute all!

The Red Baron World League 2002 tournament is about to begin. ALL squads are invited to participate and you can sign up at:

Last season over 20 squads and over 440 players from all over the world participated in a tournament lasting 26 weeks. We used a modified Flanders map, NFM flight model, and rules that can be seen here:

This season the rules will likely be very similar and the map is currently under review. What is certain is that both bombing and dogfighting will play a key part in any team's success and that HONOUR, FUN and TEAMWORK will be paramount.

Each team flew 16 players last year so if you have a small squad then now would be a good time to find a partner or two (best to find one in your own time zone.) Last season the partnership of AK/RAC made it all the way to the RBWL Cup finals so don't worry if you don't have enough players to do it all on your own! Teamwork is the key so find a partner, make an alliance and then SIGN UP at the forum!

If you wish to sign up or have questions or concerns please post them at the RBWL forum. Schedules have NOT yet been set but be assured every effort will be made to accomodate teams from various time zones:

RAF_Pepe LePeu

P.S. I am NOT part of the RBWL committee -- just making a public service announcement. Please address any replies or inquiries to the RBWL forum.

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