I just replaced my AGP V5 with a GF to run that new WW2 sim coming out and was bummed I could not run RB3D anymore. I just got a PCI version Voodoo 5 and installed it with the AGP GeForce card. They work great together. To switch between cards you go into your Bios on boot up and choose PCI instead of AGP for your video, save and exit. Your computer will reboot so you need to either be really fast swapping cables, shut down the power to swap cables or do what I did and get a VGA switcher box. Now I have the option at boot up of running off the V5 PCI or the GF AGP without having to swap any cables. I got into my Bios, select, save, exit and flip a switch. I am sure alot of your are aware you can run both cards in your machine. I was not. I was aware of the V2 and pass thru cables as I have a pair of those. The V5 performs so much better and has FSAA. One of the reasons I am posting is because the PCI V5's are going pretty fast. I had a bit of trouble find one. I paid $100 for it new. Is it worth it? To be able to run RB3D on a Voodoo5 and the other WW2 sim off a GF, yes!
S! All!