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#686002 - 07/18/01 07:16 AM Hello.  


Hello all!

Since this board is starting from scratch, and I've recently rekindled my interest in RB, I might as well do this here.

My name in Juan Rodion M. Herrera. I am a 29 year old Filipino, and I live in the Phlippines, working as a Media Production Specialist for a state university here.

I've been into flight sims since high school (ca. 1987). I never had the chance to play the original Red Baron but once upon a time, I did have Dynamix's Aces of the Pacific, and the 1946 add-on.

My flightsimming experiences include repainting aircraft for MS Flight Simulator 98, and making custom FS98 airports based on real Philippine airports. I have them available at

I was also into Falcon 3.0 tweaking, Secret Weapons of the Luftwaffe editing, and of course, Aces of the Pacific hacking.

Sometime about 2 years ago, I kinda "switched" hobbies...I delved into the world of 3D first person tactical games, specifically the Rainbow Six line of games. I am an "established" (hehehe) Rogue Spear and Urban Operations "modmaker" to my website at bottom of this post). Most of the "mods" I made for these line of games have been available publicly from such site as and Lately, I have stopped my activities in this gaming milieu because of problems associated with my aging Cyrix M2 computer and it's old Voodoo Banshee 3Dvidcard.

I am also into wargaming/strategy, specifically the old MS Close Combat: A Bridge Too Far game.

Sometime in 1997 my brother brought me a copy of RB2. I didn't like it at first because that time I still had an old Pentium 150 classic with no 3D-card so RB2 was hell-slow. But then when the Sierra superpatch came out and I got a second-hand Voodoo card, whoa! A whole new world opened up for me...well not exactly dad was also a WWI enthusiast, having collected those old Ballantyne War Book series (remmeber those? I still even have "Armored Assault: August 1918" the Cambrai Tank thing, Monash method etc. bravo Aussies!)

I played RB2 patched into RB3D for about a year when I gradually noticed some of the inaccuracies while playing a German campaign, like I was flying a AlbD.III in 1918 but my crate wasn't painted with the Balkenkruez (sp) I began to wonder--are there "mods" available out there that could correct stuff like that??? And so one day while browsing the web I stumbled upon Beery's site, Wings of Glory, the Castles (Von H and Flybert's), CdT and the SWWISA members, etc. etc. and the rest is history.

Sorry for being so talkative but that's me hehehe. Anyway, I thought of introducing myself "formally" because althought I'm not new here, but I never did something like this on these boards.

I hope you'll welcome me in this part of the SimHQ boards. Yes I can be a nuisiance at times, but I also help whenever I can.

Hope to chat more with you fellas out there soon!

And hi to some of my fellow refugees, esp. to ral my countryman, Paul Morrison, Nick Moyrand, Skoonj,

BTW I'm the same guy who once thought of creating a Tenerife Tragedy re-enactment in Flight Simulator 98/2000. I've heeded Andy Bush's advice and I've long since abandoned the project. I'd rather butcher Englishmen and Frenchmen over the front now...


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#686003 - 07/18/01 09:52 AM Re: Hello.  



#686004 - 07/18/01 10:09 AM Re: Hello.  


Originally posted by Maltese Falcon:

Nope sorry. I've played over a LAN but I've never tried MMP. I'd love to, but with the way the Philippine internet infrastructure is built, I'd rather's gonna be HELL-slow of a ride for me...

Nice meeting you, MF!


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