Hello there,

I've been playing the GSC Hornet series since the mid-90's, and loved it ever since. Even though there are plenty of quirky and queer bugs and jitters, the series is fantastic, in my opinion.

I recently found my Janes F/A-18 CD and gave it a try, with all of the "must-have" mods. I concede that the graphics, sounds, AI, weapons, and campaigns are much more sophisticated. However, the little things such as cockpit rendering, HUD appearance, and lack of proper manual and replay modes sent me begging for HK/PSF/OIF.

Also, because I'm big on carrier ops, JF/A-18 just doesn't cut it. While an amazing amount of detail is put into the LSO/ball/thrust deflectors/etc., there is one fatal problem; after a trap, the AI taxies your airplane back to parking area for you, ending your ops. In HK, you can control your own damn airplane, thank you very much.

I'm glad that I experienced this rival Hornet sim. Now I positively know that HK is the best out there for the "bug." The F/A-18E Super Hornet is good and fine with its fancy systems and new look, but I'll take a classic like the 18C anyday.

HK 'til I die! <---- Take note, Graphsim.


PS - Anybody still play multiplayer?