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#679554 - 09/18/05 10:58 AM Carrier Operations  


I thinking of getting F/A-18 Operation Iraqi Freedom. Regarding Carrier Operations e.g. carrier landing, which is better. Jane's F/A-18 or F/A-18 Operation Iraqi Freedom.

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#679555 - 09/19/05 05:13 AM Re: Carrier Operations  
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Arizona, USA
I'm sure it would be unamimus that Janes F/A-18 is better.

#679556 - 09/21/05 01:48 PM Re: Carrier Operations  
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I never tried OIF but I've heard lots of comments from people who tried both, saying that Carrier Ops were much better in OIF but that was it, everything else was way better with Jane's (avionics etc...)

#679557 - 09/24/05 09:27 PM Re: Carrier Operations  
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The Bayou
I've never played Jane's F/A-18 but I understand that nighttime Carrier landings rule all, and possibly under inclement skies.

HK shows the Meatball on the Carrier though (not a pop-up like JF/A-18)...;f=3;t=002219#000000
(last pic).

What JF/A-18 doesn't have (AFAIK) is a Mission Recorder like HK. It may have a Falcon-like ACMI recorder (I dunno, maybe 3rd-party [GTT?]), but I'm referring to a full-screen full-resolution playback of your entire mission allowing multiple viewpoints.

Having played other sims allot lately (especially SFP1/WoV and F-22 TAW), it might be hard for me to accept the totally scripted sterile environment of HK's canned campaign. But I'll always enjoy re-watching my Carrier landings from different viewpoints in HK (especially zooming in from the LSO's position). I also find HK's Mission Creator/Editor the easiest I've ever messed with (great fun just observing the AI), but I understand the one in JF/A-18 is a lot more robust (as is the rest of the sim).

If TK/TW ever supports modern avionics even close to the complexity / fidelity of HK, I think Strike Fighters will be even more of a smash! Probably the best we can hope for is Jane's USAF complexity (i.e. generic modern avionics, but with higher fidelity and realism than USAF), which is ok by me.

I believe people want a new Hornet sim (count me in for the sleeker C model, please). I can't imagine how great it would be to see a new Strike Fighters release with this on the box cover: The front view of a fully armed F/A-18C catapulting off a Carrier. How wonderful that would be, eh?! \:\) It's also what many LO:MAC fans have been wanting.

P.S. This board has long since died, much like the sim it supports I suppose. I really hope Graphsim releases an all new Hornet sim, not just another rehash of HK (at least not without major improvements)! I hope it's in their master plan.


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