Well, this review is only a month old and an interesting reading, I thought...

They gave it a better review than I would have...

"A second feature of note is the 3D cockpit. Although the cockpit itself remains identical to that of previous versions,..."

*** Yeah, OIF's cockpit = PSF's ugly 3D cockpit with working instrumentation. Great.

"...the graphic is now rendered in 3D, resulting in much more dynamic possibilities."

*** Possibilities?!?! I don't want possibilities, I just want the crap to work right! I wonder if their (Mac user's) cockpit zoom factor is also going to reset to default every time they look around!

" DDIs and other instruments are viewable from any angle, even when padlocked or mouse-looking around...

*** Until you start zooming out and then everything becomes a distorted mess.

"...and the entire cockpit bumps and shakes in response to control deflections and ground effect."

*** Just like PSF's 3D cockpit! And with OIF's default front view zoomed in way too close, it'll give you a big headache and with no way of turning it off!

"The result is a greater sense of immersion even though the view out the glass is perfectly transparent."

I'll take PSFs 2D/3D pit combo over OIF's poorly implemented and ugly 3D pit any day.

I said I was done ranting, but I had to respond to this review.


Edit: "Other small features abound, including nicer shadows, solar flares, and full-screen anti-aliasing."

Eh, doesn't PSF already have all of this?!?! This review is complementing NEW stuff that's already in PSF! Ok, maybe the Mac version of Korea never caught up to PSF ? I did notice some differences playing the demo. I guess Mac people were shafted a little on this one.

"As stated earlier, the graphics have improved in many ways..."

Yeah, compared to the MAC version of this game maybe, but not PSF except for terrain (can't blame the Mac reviewer for this).


The rusty wire that holds the cork that keeps the anger in
Gives way and suddenly it’s day again
The sun is in the east
Even though the day is done
Two suns in the sunset, hmph
Could be the human race is run