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#678880 - 08/05/03 11:34 PM so this died in record time eh?  


man o man...

i thought it might be alright...

wishful thinking.

i reckon this title has set a new record for time from release to bargain bin.

what a shame..

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#678881 - 08/06/03 10:57 AM Re: so this died in record time eh?  
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stans Offline
stans  Offline

Joined: Feb 2001
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Virginia, USA
Well, if it was truely a new game, I think it would have caught on, but it seems to be F/A18 PSF with new scenery and a few visual improvements. PSF promised a lot and was little more than a re-hash of Hornet Korea. The lack of a dynamic campaign is a killer. Just playing missions is fun, but it is so much better when there is a campaign, preferably dynamic in nature. Just my two cents.

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#678882 - 08/06/03 09:20 PM Re: so this died in record time eh?  


I had actually offered to build a campaign generator, which would have been capable of doing semi-dynamic campaigns (next mission based on results of previous mission and other "war" factors) or a linear campaign (won't let you proceed until you finish the current mission).

Pretzel was extremely helpful, but I also contacted Graphsim for help and got no response. The offer still stands, but I have a lot less time to work on it now since I've got several other projects going on.

It would be a fun little project. Maybe something will come of it....someday. ;\)

#678883 - 08/07/03 01:20 PM Re: so this died in record time eh?  
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Speedbrake Offline
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Joined: Dec 2000
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Fort Worth, TX, USA
When it turned out to be nothing more than Hornet 3.0 in 3D with a textured database and new user interface............

Still a fun sim but aged as to its realism and containing many of the same problems that were found in Hornet 3.0 and Hornet Korea (also PSF). :rolleyes:

"Growing Old Is Mandatory - Growing Up Is Optional"
#678884 - 08/08/03 10:42 PM Re: so this died in record time eh?  
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Spliff Offline
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Joined: Apr 2001
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Overland Park, KS
Airfoil, a campaign generator would be great, but I hear you. Not getting a response from GraphSim sure is frustrating, especially when something very positive could come out of it. I do hope they do get in touch with you, as this would be a great addition to this sim.

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