I was trying to get familiar in using the mission builder in OIF and I created a scenario of 3 hornets taking off and turning around and landing on carrier, one of the hornets was me. I also had an f14 take off from Kuwait airfieled to land on the enterprise.

Well I just sat tight and watched the AIs do their thing. The first hornet landed on the carrier ok, the f-14 followed the first hornet AI in . keep in mind I am still on the carrier watching this. The second hornet did a go around.

The f14 was desparate in trying to clear the flight deck and it parked very close behind me but his tail was sticking out a bit..The last hornet landed and proceeded to clear the flight deck as well and he had to actully push the f14 towards me so he could park...the hornet pushed the f14 about 4 times so he could clear the flight deck. The hornet and the tomcat did not explode.

Thought that was interesting interaction between the AIs \:\)