I wish to announce the formation of a new Armor Website. Our site is geared towards allowing tankers with different armor interests whom may never have come across the other to mix and build new friendships which may never come across the way. Our goal is to allow armor enthusiasts to mix with veterans. In doing so are goal is to promote the preservation of our armor history. Hence our motto: "Promote & Preserve Our Armor History"

Our headquarters is located in the heart of Texas at the historic museum: Texas Military Forces Museum at Camp Mabry in Austin Texas. We hold monthly meetings and attend events throughout the State of Texas. Visit our forum on our site to keep informed on our activities. The site has a Texas flare about it along with a strong armor smell! Feel free to stop by and chat. If you like what you see, join us! Key is to have fun and not take life so serious! Your tank is repairable, friendships may not be!

Our site does not intend to compete with this forum or any others. We wish to generate enough interest in our strong believe in preserving our history through active participation.

The name of our organization is: Texas Armor Association.

From one treadhead to another, have a great day!

Col. Sabot
"Promote & Preserve Our Armor History"